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RA Applications

Applications (now LIVE!)

For information about each position, check out the RA Position Descriptions!

To be considered, you must complete the application in full and provide a minimum of two references.  One must be a current member of the Residence Life staff with the Department of Residence Life at SUNY Geneseo. This person may be an Area Coordinator or Residence Director or any type of Resident Assistant. The other reference(s) may be from any professional with whom you have worked, by whom you been mentored, or who may provide particular insight on your abilities and character. References may not be a friend or family member.  Your references must be willing to complete a reference form on your behalf.  Their reference is due by March 1

Please send your references the following link to complete:

Resident Assistant Application

RADICE Application 2021-2022

RAISE Application 2021-2022

RAW Application 2021-2022

TSM Application 2021-2022

TCO Application 2021-2022