Seneca Hall

Seneca Hall is an 80-student residence with four-person suites. It is located in the North Village.

Seneca Hall has been the location of Writers House since its formation in 2009, which creates a close-knit community of residents passionate about all types of writing. Both first year and upperclass students can be members of writers house and live on different floors.

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Quick Facts

  • Four-person suites
  • 80 students

Additional Information & Accessibility Notes

  • Each suite in Seneca has two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and small shared entry area.
  • Kitchens and laundry facilities are available on each floor
  • The library, classroom, piano room offer unique study and creativity spaces.
  • Seneca Hall is one of the smaller residence halls on campus, which provides a close-knit environment for its residents.
  • Common areas do not have accessibility doors.





Contact Info

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