SA Ticket Office Policies & Procedures

Please note the Box Office at the Department of Theater and Dance has its own policies.

A. Ticket Sales Policies and Procedures

Tickets to on-campus events are usually sold in the Student Association Ticket Office, Room 113. Clubs may choose to table for their own events, or work in collaboration with the ticket office for SA event sales. Exceptions are events involving only "at the door" sales.

Organizations planning ticket sales in the MacVittie Union, either in the Ticket Office or through a cash box, must contact the SA Assistant Director in CU 113 or at 245-5873. Tickets will be ordered and sold under the supervision of the SA Assistant Director. All ticket sales are final. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, except in the case of cancellation of the event.

1. Who May Use the Student Association Ticket Office

  • a. Recognized Student Organizations: Organizations, which have been recognized by the College, may request use of the ticket operations by consulting the SA Assistant Director in CU 113. Phone: 245-5873.
  • b. Other Organizations: 1) Community organizations - contact the SA Assistant Director in CU 113. Phone: 245-5873
  •  Area colleges wishing to sell tickets to their events through the Student Association Ticket Office must contact the SA Service Manager, after consulting with the Director of Student Association Programs, Personnel and Finances.

2. Procedures for Ordering Tickets

  • a. Student Organizations: Tickets must be ordered through the SA Assistant Director, who will meet with a representative of the organization and fill out the all appropriate paperwork including the Ticket Order Form. Tickets must be ordered at least one week prior to the event. If contracts have been signed and facilities reserved, ticket information will be programmed into the computer. 
  • b. Other organizations may order tickets through the Ticket Office for a nominal fee.

3. Sale of Tickets

  • a. Student Organizations: Computerized records of ticket sales are kept on a daily basis. At the end of the ticket sales, final reports are available for review.
  • b. Other Organizations: Procedure is the same as that used for student organizations. Community organizations and area colleges wishing to apply for ticket sales must fill out a Ticket Order Form.
  • c. Additional Ticket Sale Information: 1) Groups wishing to sign out a block of tickets may do so through consignment or invoice after consultation with the SA Assistant Director. Cash box ticket sales must follow standard cash box procedures. See Cash Box Authorization Policy. NOTE: It is highly recommended that the appointed ticket sales-person either be experienced or be briefed on procedures by the SA Assistant Director.

B. Ticket Refund Policy

Monies for purchased tickets will be refunded according to the following guidelines:

1. Prior Cancellation of Event

  • a. Cancellation will be publicized over appropriate news media. Information will be given regarding reason of cancellation and any replacement events. The organization sponsoring the event will work with the SA Assistant Director and/or the Assistant Director of College Union & Activities to ensure the information is disseminated accurately.
  • b. Refund requests will be taken during regular ticket sales operation hours at the Student Association Ticket Office. There are no refunds for Student Association events. Refunds may be allocated based on the hosting organization. 

2. Day-of-the-Show Cancellation

  • a. Cancellation will be publicized over appropriate news media. If persons have gathered for the event, a public announcement will be made. Notification will be posted in the College Union and at the Student Association Ticket Office.
  • b. If a public announcement is made at the event, directions regarding ticket refunds will be given.
  • c. Refunds will be given as outlined in Section 1, Article B of Ticket Refund Policy 
  • d. Refunds will be given only for amount printed on the ticket.
  • e. No refunds will be given out from the Student Association Ticket Office (or Box Office) at an event.

C. Cash Box Authorization Policy

1. When students or groups request use of a cash box, especially in the case of ticket sales, they will be referred to the Student Association Ticket Office between the hours of 10am-5pm in CU 113.

2. The requestors will fill out two Cash Box Authorization forms.

  • One copy of the form will be taped to the top of the cash box and one form will be kept in the Student Association Ticket Office. A combination of the lock will be given to the authorized person(s) making the request for the cash box. The person(s) requesting the cash box must complete the Cash box Authorization form before picking up the cash box for their sales period. 

3. Only Student Association funded organizations may receive petty cash from the SA Assistant Director.

  • All other recognized organizations must supply their own petty cash.

4. The Ticket Office employees will not turn over the cash box to anyone other than authorized individuals with proper ID.

  • Only the SA Assistant Director can make changes to the authorization.

5. For all Student Association funded organizations:

  • If the Student Association Ticket Office is closed, the cash box must kept in a secure location and returned the next business day. All monies, income and Ticket Tracking Form, any unsold tickets should be turned in with the cash box. The SA Assistant Director will then deposit all money into the organization's account.

6. The SA Assistant Director reserves the right to limit use of cash boxes as to number of boxes, location, times and reasons for use.

7. Cash boxes normally should not be requested for an extended period of time.