• Students or groups can request use of a cash box through the Student Association Ticket Office between the hours of 10am-4pm in CU 113.

  • The requestors will fill out two Cash Box Authorization forms. One copy of the form will be taped to the top of the cash box and one form will be kept in the Student Association Ticket Office. A combination of the lock will be given to the authorized person(s) making the request for the cash box. The person(s) requesting the cash box must have in his/her possession a complete "reservation confirmation form" upon making request for a cash box. If tickets are to be used, the group will discuss ticket printing and sales arrangements with the SA Service Manager.
  • Only Student Association funded organizations may receive petty cash from the SA Service Manager. All other recognized organizations must supply their own petty cash.
  • The Ticket Office employees will not turn over the cash box to anyone other than authorized individuals with proper ID. Only the SA Service Manager can make changes to the authorization.
  • For all Student Association funded organizations: Organizations should make every attempt to sign the box in and out during regular Ticket Office hours for safe keeping. The last person to sign the cash box out from the Ticket Office accepts responsibility for the cash box.
  • All monies, Income and Ticket Verification Form, any unsold tickets should be turned in with the cash box. The SA Service Manager will then deposit all money into the organization's account.
  • The SA Service Manager reserves the right to limit use of cash boxes as to number of boxes, location, times and reasons for use.
  • Cash boxes normally should not be requested for an extended period of time.