Open Auditions for the Department of Theatre and Dance’s Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival


Open auditions for the 2021 Department of Theatre and Dance’s Second Annual Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival will be held Saturday, September 25 @ 1:00 pm in the Black Box Theatre in Brodie Hall.  

All Geneseo students are invited to attend, and no experience is necessary.  All you need to know for auditions is your GOO# so that you can receive academic credit if you are cast, and your academic class schedule so that your director can rehearse around your academic obligations to classes and labs.  If you work and have a work schedule, it’s helpful to bring that information long as well.

This year we have nine students directing a broad range of plays that include comedies, thrillers, and serious dramas about issues that speak to today’s students. See the one-act play overview for information about all of the plays and the numbers of roles the students are casting, altogether of which require a total of 21 actors.  

The Festival will be performed December 11 and December 12.

Students who are cast will receive 1-credit of Theatre 260 (Theatre Practicum-Acting).  

Questions?  Contact Dr. Randy Kaplan,

SUNY Geneseo’s Theatre and Dance program is committed to maintaining an open casting policy that places all Geneseo students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, national origin, citizenship, age, military or veteran status, or sexual orientation, on an equal playing field in terms of eligibility to audition, be considered for, and/or cast in both faculty- and student-directed productions. This policy is upheld unless a script and/or its author identity specific casting requirements. SUNY Geneseo’s Theatre program does not now, nor has it ever, permitted racist makeup of any kind to be used in its productions.