Department of Chemistry
Safety Programs and Training

General and specialized training are required before engaging in SUNY Geneseo Chemistry laboratories. For students, substitution of training from other organizations or institutes is not accepted as formal training since operational guidelines, emergency procedures, and waste management protocols are unique to the college.

This page is only a guideline to determine the types of training you are required to complete.  Whether you are a research student enrolled in CHEM 199/299/399 or 393 honors, a Directed Study student, or a LI/TA, speak to your lead professor for more information about specific training which may be required for your laboratory experience.  Most training courses are required ANNUALLY, but there are some trainings which are required per course every semester for each laboratory you access.

Below is the current list of what can be found online (for any internal links which require login, you will need to log in with your SUNY Geneseo credentials).

Academic Chem Lab Documents and Forms

Chemistry Programs and Policies


  • Academic Chem Lab Safety Lecture - (Offered during the first scheduled session of every academic lab course.  Training needed per course)

Designated Safety Trainer(s)

  • Lead Chemistry Faculty Advisor associated with their respective labs - contact the appropriate faculty member for more information about:
    • Techniques
    • Instrumentation
    • Chemical hygiene
    • Research Labs
    • Academic Labs
  • Daniel Jacques, Instructional Support Specialist, email:
    • Academic Lab safety lectures
    • Hazardous Waste Management