Registering for Classes

This page contains information about registration at SUNY Geneseo. If you are an incoming first-year or new transfer student, please visit the new student registration page.

What is an advisement hold?

An advisement hold is a hold that prevents you from registering for classes. To get the hold lifted, you must meet with your faculty advisor. Advisement holds will be placed on your account at certain points in your college career so you can receive guidance from faculty advisors about course planning & degree requirements, commonly in your first semester and when approaching junior and senior status for pre-graduation checks. It is recommended that all students meet with their advisor before registration.

How do I find my faculty advisor?

Your faculty advisor will be listed on KnightWeb in the "academic status" box, directly under the subheading "registration." You can also find your advisor’s name in the top box of your DegreeWorks page, which lists other information like degree progress.

How do I make an appointment with my faculty advisor?

Advisors make appointments with students in a variety of ways so please be sure to find out how your advisor prefers to be contacted. As registration approaches, some advisors will send out an email to their advisees about drop-in office hours, others prefer students to make appointments with the department secretary, and some post sign-up sheets outside their door or use scheduling software to schedule appointments. If the times available don't work for you, or if you haven't received an email from your advisor, contact them directly or visit the department’s main office for more information.

Do I need to meet with my advisor if I plan to change my major prior to registration?

YES! If you have an advising hold on your account, you will need to meet with your current faculty advisor if your Google form request for changing your major has not yet been processed. Once you submit your change of major form to Erwin 106 and your account is updated, you will receive a faculty advisor in your new department.

What should I do to prepare for registration?

Consult DegreeWorks and/or an advisor to see what classes you still need to take. Then, find out what classes will be offered in the upcoming semester by viewing the Master Schedule. Log into you’re account and click on registration, then make a plan. Create several plans (one preferred and a few backups). Find out your registration date and time (available on KnightWeb) and set an alarm for that day. Visit the Academic Peer Mentors in Erwin 219 if you have questions about preparing for registration.

How do I make a registration plan?

Go to KnightWeb. Click Student, then Registration and Plan Ahead. Find the semester you want to make a plan for. Now you can search and add potential classes to a plan. You can create up to 5 plans, but one must be your preferred plan. Ensure that your ideal course schedule is your preferred plan before registration begins. On registration day, you'll be able to quickly and easily upload your plan -- meaning that you can add all the classes in your preferred plan with one click. Having more than one plan will allow you to have a quick and readily available backup classes on your screen on registration day, rather than having to search for those classes.

How do I find out my registration time?

Once registration times are released, you'll see your designated time on you’re page under the section titled Academic Status. Registrar’s Office will send you an email to notify you that registration time-tickets have been assigned.

Using DegreeWorks

  1. At the top of the page, you can view your GPA, faculty advisor, G-number, graduation date, and your major(s)/minor(s).
  2. Scroll down to see your progress towards a BA/BS degree.
  3. General education requirements 
  4. Major requirements
  5. See GPA for each subsection at the top for in major or related requirements GPA.
  6. Check the number of remaining credits required for each section in the top banner of that section.
  7. Go to “Registration Checklist” at top of page to see exactly what you need to complete your program(s)!
  8.  Use “What-If” Function to see requirements for other/additional majors or minors