To Request Facilities Services on Campus

For Individuals With a Geneseo Email

  1. Through your MyGeneseo login, find the Facilities Work Request icon that looks like the image below, or by using the link Geneseo Work Request.

  2. The request page below will appear. All lines highlighted in red are required for submission.

  3. Enter your first and last name.

  4. Enter your phone number that you can be contacted. Facilities may need to call you if there are any questions regarding your request.

  5. Enter your Geneseo email address. TMA will send you a notification on all work order status changes.

  6. Enter the building that the request pertains to. If this request pertains to multiple rooms, please list the rooms in the Action Requested section.

  7. Click on the three dots.

    Find the room number for the needed service. (Example used below shows all rooms in Bailey.)

  8. Provide a fully detailed description of your request. Departments, please include the account number for all department related requests.

    : This icon allows you to expand on the Action Requested section for more character space.

    : This icon will provide a timestamp of when the request was written, please see below.
  9. Click the save button.

For All Previously Registered TMA Users

Please use this link or use the TMA Users icon link which can be accessed in your MyGeneseo account.