Internal Project Request

To Request a Project Through Facilities Services:

  1. Submit a completed Internal Project Request Form with department approvals.
  2. Follow the instructions below while completing the form. Part A (Project Request) to be filled out by the requesting department.
    • Provide the Project Name and Date
    • Provide the Project Goal and Justification - (What do you want done and why/how does it benefit the campus)
    • Select the Business Purpose
    • Provide a detailed Scope of Work (SOW), specific details on the work you need done, and include as much information as possible.
    • Provide a requested Completion Date, Available Budget (Target Budget) and an Account Number that can be used by Facilities to provide an estimate (if applicable) and for the actual project work if approved (These may be different numbers)
    • Requestor must have a Department Head or Chair sign off on the requested project PRIOR to submitting to Facilities. 
    • Submit an approved form to Facilities:
  3. Once Part A is completed and the form is submitted to Facilities Service it will be reviewed. If the request is approved, an estimate will be provided to you and the assigned Project Manager will reach out to discuss the next steps of the process.