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Laura Evans, RN BS

Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN)
Registered Professional Nurse
Sturges 212B
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The Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN), is available Monday through Friday to provide, care, information and advice to all SUNY Geneseo students.

Services are confidential and are typically by appointment at

  • Planning to study abroad? Schedule an appointment with the CCRN to review immunization and health requirements.  
  • Do you need to review your immunizations, health record or want to consult with a nurse about a health concern?
  • Do you have chronic/routine injectable medications and need a private location to administer them?
  • Do you require tuberculosis and other blood tests; DMV eye exams; staple or suture removals or immunizations?
  • Do you simply need advice on how to negotiate Student Health and Counseling or other health services?