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Health Promotion

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Dana Minton with Geneseo HealthguardsOur Health Promotion office is home of the Healthy Geneseo wellness campaign, and it is managed by Dana Minton, Coordinator of Health Promotion. The Health Promotion office offers programs, resources, and opportunities for students to connect with WELLNESS and improve their health and wellbeing.











Geneseo Healthguards

Learn about the Geneseo Healthguards, Geneseo's Student Wellness Ambassadors.

Healthguard Sarina on right wearing a mask and blue tie-dyed shirt talking to a student on left also wearing a mask, blue sweatshirt, white headband, and backpack.

Healthy Hot Topics

Sure, you know how to use Google, but who wants to sort through 2 million hits to get the information YOU need? We have health information specific to college students, addressing the topics that affect YOUR everyday wellness: stress, sleep, relationships, sexual health, and more. Interested? Visit our Healthy Hot Topics! page.