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Health Promotion

The Health Promotion office promotes a healthy campus through Workshops and Events, and through wellness resources available in the office. Feel free to contact Dana Minton, Health Promotion Coordinator, via email or by phone at 585-245-5747

We offer a variety of wellness programs throughout the academic year hosted by either our student wellness ambassadors or professional staff. Topics include: safe alcohol use, sexual health, healthy relationships, stress management, nutrition, sleep, and healthy living. Let us know if you have an idea for a program that you would like to see on campus. Don't miss the Student Wellness Expo every fall and the campus-wide Fitness Challenge every spring!

Professional Outreach

Professional staff members from Student Health and Counseling present a wide variety of educational programs and workshops on campus. Sample venues include classroom presentations, GOLD workshops, student and staff trainings, Orientation, and various campus department presentations. 

Geneseo Healthguards

The Geneseo Healthguards are a group of student wellness volunteers who serve as ambassadors and liaisons to the campus from Student Health and Counseling.  They provide resources and raise awareness about important college health issues like safer sex, responsible alcohol use, nutrition, stress management, healthy relationships, mental health, and sleep. Healthguards are trained in these areas by professional staff members at Student Health and Counseling. Healthguards are not experts; they are students who care deeply about college health and wellness. For more information on the Geneseo Healthguards, check out the Healthguards' page!

Healthy Hot Topics

Sure, you know how to use Google, but who wants to sort through 2 million hits to get the information YOU need?  We've got health information specific to college students, addressing the topics that affect YOUR everyday wellness:  stress, sleep, relationships, sexual health, alcohol/other drugs, and more.  Interested?  Visit our Healthy Hot Topics! page.