Sexual Health Services


The Reproductive Health Center is a service provided by the Livingston County Health Department on the second floor of the Lauderdale Health Center two days a week.  This service offers free or low cost reproductive health care to Geneseo students.  For an appointment, call call 585-243-7540 or 1-800-243-9240.

Reproductive Health Center through Livingston County Health (second floor)


Confidential medical services offered through the new Reproductive Health Center include:

  • Gynecological exams (for women age 21 years unless sexually active before that age, then yearly)
  • Pap smears (every three years if normal baseline)
  • Birth control
  • Emergency contraception
  • Breast exams
  • Complete referral service

The Reproductive Health Center offers quality care. The professional staff is committed to providing reproductive-related medical, counseling, and educational services. For more information about the Reproductive Health Center, visit their home page on the county web site.

Sexual Health Care at Lauderdale Health Services (first floor)

SUNY Geneseo Health Services provides medical care for all sexual health related issues other than annual gynecological exams and contraception. For example, STI testing and treatment, ECP, pregnancy tests, and UTI treatment can be received at Health Services. You do not have to wait to visit the Reproductive Health Center. For additional information, please visit our General Sexual Health Information page.

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