Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle patrol officers travel throughout all areas of campus. The bicycle patrol is one of the cornerstones of our Community Policing philosophy. Utilization of bicycles enables University Police Officers to move freely on pathways and sidewalks of the campus. Bicycle patrols also create opportunities for interaction with the campus community because the barriers created by a moving patrol car are removed.

On-Line Safety

The popularity and availability of social media continues to increase, especially among young adults. The nature of these sites promotes convenient contact and sharing of pictures, messages, and other information but also includes security risks. This program addresses possible safety risks associated with social media, on-line dating, and blogs and how to reduce these risks to enhance safety.  

Police K-9 Demonstration

University Police arrange to have a Livingston County Deputy and his K-9 partner come in to the Residence Hall and give a demonstration of the dogs search abilities.  Students are then allowed to ask questions about the K-9 and/or other police related questions.

Distracted Driving

Program is information based w/a power point.  It offers sobering photos and video of accidents that were caused by distracted driving.   A simple driving simulator is also used to so the dangers of Distracted Driving.

Relationship Violence (Dating/Domestic Violence)

This is an educational session addressing power and control dynamics in personal relationships which often lead to violence and abuse. Definitions, legal issues, warning signs, sources of help, and methods of assisting a person in or recently out of an abusive relationship are addressed. Other resources on campus include:

Response to Stalking Behaviors

Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, yet many victims and criminal justice professionals underestimate its seriousness and impact. Stalking may go unrecognized and unreported, or it may end with serious tragedy. This program is an in-depth look at stalking, including stalkers, stalking behavior, stalking victims, and safety planning.

Self Defense

In the Basics class, students learn a full range of self-defense techniques, including: awareness, assault deterrence, and setting verbal boundaries. Physical skills are demonstrated by the instructor and then practiced in a group setting with a partner. 

Coffee With a Cop

Program is an open forum question and answer with a University Police Officer and if available, a Geneseo Village Police Officer.  Students can ask all the questions they have ever wanted to ask a Police Officer but didn’t know how to ask.  RA would provide coffee for the event to entice students to attend. University Police has pre-made flyers to help with advertising upon request.

Identity TheftGraphic with twenty dollar bill and social security card

Identity theft occurs when personal information (like Social Security numbers) is stolen to obtain goods, services or open fraudulent accounts. Victims are left with poor credit and the complicated task of restoring it.  This program takes an in depth look at Identity Theft and introduces ways to reduce the risks of becoming a victim.

Personal Safety Programs

Personal Safety Programs are delivered to a variety of faculty, staff and student groups and organizations. The How to Avoid Being a Victim program provides easy to use, real world common sense personal safety tips for use in a wide variety of situations. Learn more from the Personal Safety Committee. 

Alcohol Awareness (Beer Goggles)

Program is information based with students physically participating at the end.   Program is team taught with RA providing information on Campus Alcohol policy in relation to Residence Halls and Officer provides information as it relates to both New York State Penal Law and Vehicle and Traffic Law.  Officer will provide “Fatal Vision Goggles” that mimic varied levels of intoxication and guide students through Standardized Field Sobriety Tests as if the student was pulled over in a car for driving while intoxicated. 

Staying Safe on Campus: Keeping You and Your Property Safe

Program is information based.  Officer provides information and tips on how to keep safe while on and off campus.  Officer also provides information on how to keep your property safe.