University Police Department Services

Motorist Assist

In an effort to provide a greater level of service to the College, the University Police Department will make available for use by the campus community and visitors, a portable Schumacher Instant Power Vehicle Jump Starter.  The portable unit alleviates the need for a second vehicle and offers safeguards in the process of dealing with a dead vehicle's battery.

Should you find the need to use this unit, please contact the University Police Department at (585) 245-5651 or come directly to Schrader Hall, Room 19.  This unit will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You will need to provide your driver's license, cell phone number, read the unit's instruction manual and sign the Portable Instant Power-Vehicle Jump Starter Sign In/Out Sheet.

Should you require the assistance of an officer, please do not hesitate to ask.


Lost and FoundPicture of laptop, phone, and key chain with QR Code labels

The University Police Department is located at 1 College Circle, Schrader Hall 19, and is the centralized location for all lost and found items.  Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are encouraged to contact University Police Communications at 585.245.5651.  Anyone claiming lost and found property must show positive identification such as a SUNY Geneseo ID or a valid driver's license.

Any items found should be delivered or reported to the University Police Department.

If you are not able to deliver to the police department, based on calls for service, an officer will be sent to retrieve items that have been found.


Motor Vehicle Damage Reports

Two motor vehicles collided in an intersectionIf your vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle accident or received damage due to vandalism while on campus grounds, your homeowners or motor vehicle insurance companies may request a copy of the police report.  Written requests may be sent to the attention of Thomas Kilcullen, Chief of University Police,  1 College Circle, Schrader Hall 19, Geneseo, NY 14454.  A $3.00 processing fee, made payable to SUNY Geneseo, should be included with the request.  If known, please provide the police report number in the request as well.




Operation IdentificationPicture of officer engraving a phone with an ID number

Operation Identification is a state-wide effort to discourage burglary and theft by engraving personal property with an easily traced identification number (within the United States and Canada).  In the event a belonging is lost or stolen, the identification number can be traced back to you.  If you would like to have your personal property engraved with a personal identification number, please contact  the University Police Department at (585) 245-5651.



Blue Light Emergency Phone System

Emergency blue light Telephone on campusThe blue light emergency phone system is a safety measure that is available to anyone who feels they are in danger. There are over seventy blue light emergency telephones on campus linked to the University Police Department. The telephones are easily recognized in parking lots, on residence hall buildings, and along roadways. If an emergency exists, activate the emergency contact button and talk to the University Police dispatcher. A University Police Officer will respond to the location where the call was made. If you feel unsafe about remaining in that location, continue to activate blue light emergency phones as you move to another location.