Christine Merrilees

Christine Merrilees

Research Content

  • Dr. Merrilees uses a developmental intergroup approach to understanding how youth and emerging adults develop in contexts of intergroup conflict and divide. She utilizes longitudinal and experimental designs to examine how intergroup contact and identity process function in multiple contexts including Belfast Northern Ireland, Croatia, and in the Geneseo campus.

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?

  • No

Student Involvement

  • Data collection, data analysis, and presentation of research findings

Student Skills

  • Genuine interest in research content, dedicated
  • Reading comprehension skills, synthesizing new information into a coherent piece of writing 

Additional Comments

  • I am looking for students who have a particular interest in international relations, racial and ethnic disparities, and students who want to learn more about statistics. I know most students are NOT interested in statistics, but I believe the techniques I can teach students are invaluable for those intending to go on to graduate school and they will better prepare students for 452.