Allison Bechard

Please provide a brief description of your research interests

I am interested in animal models of addiction and repetitive behavior, and how the environment influences brain and behavior development.

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?


How many students are you looking for?


What semesters are you looking for?

Fall 2022

What years do you prefer students to be?

Sophomores and Juniors 

In what aspects are student research assistants involved in your lab?

run behavioral experiments (animal) and histology of brain tissue, animal care

What skills are you looking for in student research assistants?

animal care, animal behavior, animal husbandry, neuroscience, chemistry, dependability

Is there anything else you would like to say? 

Keen (curious, reliable, team player) students that want to learn about neuroscience using an animal model should contact me.