Matthew Pastizzo

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Language Processing Lab

Please provide a brief description of your research interests

I study properties of word spelling and pronunciation that influence visual word recognition in English. In a typical experiment, participants are asked to respond to a target word (e.g., GLOW) after exposure to a prime word that shares form and meaning (e.g., GLARE), form (e.g., GLOBE), or meaning (e.g., LIGHT).

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?

Possibly, Fall 2016

If yes, how many students are you looking for?


In what aspects are student research assistants involved in your lab?

During the first semester working in my lab, research assistants are responsible for data collection, and are expected to read assigned readings related to the current study. In a subsequent semester, assistants may contribute to material selection.

What skills are you looking for in student research assistants?

Work well with others, strong communication skills, excellent attention to detail, strong computer skills.