Livingston Hall

Livingston Hall is a corridor-style building that houses 195 students from all years. It is located in the Central Village, close to Mary Jemison Dining Hall and the student union. The rooms in Livingston Hall are designed for two occupants, with bathrooms shared per floor.

Livingston Hall is the location of Upper-Level Experience and First-Year Experience Living-Learning Communities (LLCs). It also contains a transfer student section of rooms devoted to the Transfer Student Experience LLC.

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Quick Facts

Additional Information

  • Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor, with lounges on the first and second floor.
  • There are three shared kitchenettes on the first floor, and indoor bicycle storage is available on the first floor of Tower A.
  • The B Section of Livingston Hall and B Section of Jones Hall are available to residents who want to live in substance-free housing. Substance-free is not designed to be separate, but to bring together people with similar interests, goals, and lifestyles in a common living environment. The substance-free contract is located in the housing application in our Symplicity residence software.
  • Livingston Hall runs special events that bring its diverse student body together.

Learning Outcomes

Students living in Livingston Hall will:

  • Build relationships with the transfer student population, learning about the transition process and celebrating the presence of diverse students at Geneseo
  • Embrace resilience during the transition to Geneseo
  • Explore their own passions as they identify the different pathways to achieve institutional and career benchmarks

Students living in the transfer student block will participate in at least one YouBelong event each semester.

Livingston Hall Values

Belonging | Growth | Interaction

Contact Info

Service Desk: 585-245-6159 (x6159 on campus)
Regan McGannon

Area Coordinator: Regan McGannon
Coordinator Phone: 585-245-5761
Coordinator Email: