Livingston Hall


picture of Livingston Hall.

Picture Slideshow:  The picture slideshow for Livingston is available here.

Substance-Free Housing Agreement:  Students assigned to the Substance-Free section are expected to sign a Substance-Free Housing Agreement after arriving.  The latest version of this agreement is available here.

Area Coordinator:  Ms. Sawyer Green; (585) 245-5761;

(Please note: The Area Coordinator Office is located in Monroe Hall)

Service Desk:  x6159 from campus phones; (585) 245-6159 from all other phones

 About Livingston Hall:

Location:  Central Village

Housing Type:  Corridor-Style

Class Years:  All

Features:  An L-shaped building, Livingston Hall houses students of all class years in double rooms.  The B-section of Livingston is designated as a Substance-Free living section.

In Fall 2014, around 15 rooms in Livingston Hall will be reserved for new transfer students.  This is called Transfer Block Housing.

Floor Plans:  You must have a Geneseo email to login and gain access to hall floor plans. You can find these floor plans here: