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Dance: History Minor

Total credit hours to complete minor: 24


DANC 211 F/M Cultural Dance of Asian People 3
DANC 221 F/Dance History Through the 19th Century 3
DANC 222 F/Dance History as a 20th Century Art 3
DANC 399 D/S Research Methods/Teaching Assistant 3
3 Courses Selected from 9
ANTH 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  
ARTH 180 F/M Arts-Africa, Oceania, America, Asia  
ARTH 278 F/19th Century European Art:  French Revolution-Post  
ARTH 287 F/Avant Garde Modernism  
MUSC 120 F/Introduction to Music History  
One Elective Course 3
DANC 100 F/Introduction to Dance   
DANC 340 Special Topics in Dance  
F/MST 100 F/Introduction to Film Studies  
THEA 140 F/Play Analysis for Theatre