Words From Current Dance Students

Words from Current Dance Students and Alumni

 I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to further my dance education in college, as it has contributed to my development and growth as a well-rounded person.  While majoring in biology has nurtured my curiosity in the natural world, dance served as my creative outlet, both of which contribute to my dynamic academic experience at Geneseo.”    

Emily Ellmann ’18    Hubert and Gertrude Chanler Endowed Scholarship in Dance

I am 15 hours away from home but Geneseo has proved to be an answered prayer in offering the programs I need, the challenges to help me grow as an adult and loving friendships I’ve found here.  I’m the first in my household to attend college and you are a big part of the reason that this is made possible

Tiphereth Hassan ’ 17    Sue-Ann Queen Kruetter Memorial Annual Scholarship in Dance 

As a biology major and dance enthusiast, I find dance to be a branch of science.  It requires analytical understanding of movement, a heightened sense of audio-visual learning, a vast understanding of the human body, and a detail-oriented mindset.  Not to mention, creating choreography literally uses a scientific method.  Specific choreographers come to mind when I think of combining dance with science, and have impacted the 20th century in more ways than they have ever imagined.  Being able to identify with historic dancers/dance makers of the 20th century is a reassuring message to me and to other dancers who enjoy science.  These aspects of dance history are what inspire me to become the person I have always wanted to be: a scientific artist.

-Laura D'Amico, Class of 2017

Dance is an extremely important and unique area of study on the Geneseo campus
because it encompasses students with diverse majors and interests. All of the dancers, professors
and guest artists combine their areas of expertise to create new and meaningful work
throughout the school year. Geneseo dance students experience the endless possibilities
of our art through classes, shows, research, choreographic opportunities and collaborations.

-Brynn Davie, Class of 2017

During my freshman year here at Geneseo, I was lightheartedly encouraged to take part
in GDE after a performance at Orchesis. This encouragement came from many students that
were a part of the organization, but I didn't think much of it at the time. Come my sophomore
year, however, I started to take that idea more seriously, as I enrolled into Dance Kinesiology,
without much dance experience at all prior to joining. But when auditions came around in the
first week of classes I decided to take a leap of faith and audition with the ideology of "why
not?" Much to my shock, I was cast in a piece choreographed by a guest artist as an understudy,
but to me this was a phenomenal opportunity. From that day forward, the guest choreographer
treated me not even as an alternate, but as an actual member, and it was in that moment that I
truly felt like a part of this group comprised of students, faculty, and professionals.

-Michael Reed, Class of 2017

I know that without a doubt having a dance minor has helped me to reach my goals beyond Geneseo, and it has given me a skill set that I will carry onto whatever I pursue next. All dance courses -- technique, history, kinesiology, composition -- as well as dance rehearsals teach you to think critically and creatively. Dance is problem solving in its purest form and has the most infinite of possible solutions. I also gained leadership skills as a student choreographer, student assistant director, and Orchesis president. I was honored to have these responsibilities. Specifically as an SAD, I practiced skills directly related to the PR career I hope to have including press releases, program design, publicity, fundraising, mailings, email communication, and teamwork. Teamwork and collaboration with others in the department was one of the greatest experiences. I absolutely loved getting to make new friends in class and rehearsals and work with them in dance pieces. It builds an incredible amount of communication and trust, and the friends I danced with are some of the closest I have had during my college career. I also gained confidence in communicating with professors and professionals in the dance world, and appreciated the close relationships I have built with many. I am so grateful for all of these lessons and skills gained, and will always carry the memories of my time dancing at Geneseo with me.

-Emily Wagner '14 is now Creative Entertainment Internal Communications Professional Intern at Walt Disney World.