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Commencement Eligibility, Diplomas and Honors


You are eligible to participate in May 2021 Virtual Commencement Ceremony if:

  • You are graduating in December 2020, May 2021, or August 2021.
  • You have not previously had your name listed in a Geneseo Commencement Program
  • You have not participated in an earlier Geneseo Commencement ceremony for the degree you are earning

To be listed in the Commencement Program, a Graduation Application (undergraduates) or a Diploma Application for Master's Degree (graduate students)must be on file with the Graduation Records Office.

No student may be listed in more than one Commencement Program or receive tickets for more than one ceremony.

Complete details on eligibility can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin under 'Graduation'.


Students can verify their graduation application/diploma information in their Knightweb account under 'View Graduation Application' in 'Student Records'.

Any questions should be directed to the Graduation Records Office, Erwin 106.

Diplomas are mailed within 90 days of student's graduation date.


Final honors for December 2020 graduates will be listed in the Commencement Program for those students attending May 2021 virtual ceremony. Tentative honors are listed for May 2021, and August 2021 graduates and do not include any Spring 2021 coursework. Final honors, based on the final cumulative GPA, will be noted on the diploma and transcript.

Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00

Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79

Cum Laude 3.50-3.64