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COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Updates, information and resources for members of the SUNY Geneseo campus community and our local neighbors.

Visit SUNY Geneseo's COVID-19 dashboard for data on campus-administered COVID-19 tests, active cases, and related information.

Latest Updates

Please note that messages sent by individual offices or departments may not appear on this list. Remember to regularly check your Geneseo email.

April 9: Vaccine Availability for SUNY Geneseo Students

We have secured 400 doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine for SUNY Geneseo students. The Livingston County Department of Health will hold a clinic to administer vaccines to students who have reserved an appointment through this registration link. The link is for SUNY Geneseo students ONLY and cannot be shared.

Who is eligible?

Current SUNY Geneseo students aged 18+, who have not previously received a COVID-19 vaccine. Students must bring Geneseo ID and proof of age. Students who are in quarantine or isolation on April 12 are not eligible. Students should wear short sleeves to their appointment.

If your vaccination appointment conflicts with a class, please contact your faculty member as soon as possible to inform them of your COVID-related absence.


Appointments are available on Monday, April 12, 2021 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Where do I go for my appointment?

Livingston County Department of Health, 2 Murray Hill Dr., Mt. Morris, N.Y. 14510 (Google Maps link)

What if I need transportation?

Students who do not have transportation can sign up through the SA ticket office website starting on Friday, April 9, at 11 a.m. for a seat on a college-provided van. A vaccine appointment time is required to reserve your seat. RTS is offering dedicated bus service from the MacVittie Union to the vaccination site every half hour from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

*There is limited capacity to transport students.*

What if I can't get an appointment?

If you cannot secure an appointment but can be on-site at DOH at 3:30 p.m. to get an unused dose, you can register to be placed on the stand-by list. Students on stand-by must arrive by 3:30 p.m. and wait in their cars for a call or text from DOH. Recipients of stand-by doses will be notified by 3:50 p.m. Please remember there is no guarantee that extra doses will be available. 

Other options for making a vaccine appointment on your own include:

April 7: SUNYAC Spring Sports Schedule Will Continue Without Fans

The State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Presidents' Council will continue to prioritize safety in the conduct of spring intercollegiate athletics by limiting attendance to participating student-athletes, officials and athletic administrators. Although the State of New York has updated guidance to allow for spectators, the leadership of the SUNYAC has decided that spectators will not be admitted to any contests this spring. Read more.

April 6: Geneseo Plans to Resume Full In-Person College Experience for Fall 2021

SUNY Geneseo plans to fully reopen the campus—100%—for the Fall 2021 semester with in-person classes for the 2021–22 academic year.

Some high school seniors and 2020 graduates delayed applying to college because they didn’t know what “college” would look like in the coming year. With plans to resume the full in-person experience at Geneseo, they are encouraged to apply

The College will continue to follow all appropriate health and safety protocols set forth by New York State.

March 19: Pooled Testing Results Now Available

We’ve just been notified by Upstate Medical that beginning on Monday, March 22, students, staff, and faculty will be able to access test results the same way you register the pooled test barcode. While you will not receive an alert, pooled results will be available within 48 hours. If your pool is negative, you will see the result “presumed negative.” If you’re in a positive or indeterminate/invalid pool, your result will show as "pending."

As of Monday, March 29, if you are identified in a positive or indeterminate/invalid pool, your initial result will be shown as "pending," and you will receive an email alert from Upstate. You will also receive an email from Megan Syfrett if you are found to be in a positive pool (if results come in overnight, Megan Syfrett will email affected students the following morning. Human Resources will call employees the following morning). 

Quarantine/Isolation Requirements

If you see results before you are alerted and are in a positive or indeterminate/invalid pool, you are expected to precautionary quarantine until further instructions are given. Individual results from a positive pool will take up to 48 hours. 

  • If you are identified as negative, you will see the result as "presumed negative." If your individual result from being in a positive pool is negative, you will be free to leave precautionary quarantine. 
  • If you were already in isolation from testing positive after pooled testing, you are required to remain in isolation.
  • If you were in quarantine after your pooled test, but are negative in the positive pool, you will be expected to continue your quarantine. 

The results of pooled testing are now considered diagnostic/clinical results, and you will be able to download a pdf of your results from your Upstate profile page. In some circumstances, for example, the negative pooled result can be used as proof for an employer or other activities where you need a negative test before you can participate. You no longer need a MyChart account to view results.  

Megan Syfrett, LMHC
Principal Administrator of Student Health and Counseling

March 8: COVID-19 Restrictions Update

I appreciate the commitment shown by campus community members with the safety protocols we have in place. Our positivity rate has improved modestly and our active cases have decreased from the levels we saw at the start of the spring semester. As a result, I’m pleased to report, after consulting with the local Department of Health, we will begin lifting some of the restrictions we had previously put in place beginning this Wednesday (March 10).

Dining Halls Increase to 50% Capacity

Beginning Wednesday dining halls will no longer require to-go packaging for all meals, and will increase seating capacity to 50% of full occupancy.

Study Spaces Reopen

We will reopen study spaces throughout campus, including the classrooms, which will be open in the evening. Academic buildings will stay open until 11 p.m. Monitors will still be on hand in all academic buildings during business hours to ensure compliance with mask wearing and physical distancing.

Clubs/Organizations Update

Clubs and organizations can begin to hold in-person meetings again in approved, controlled environments. All meetings must be approved through the Student Life process outlined on the COVID-19 website. If all goes well, and our positivity rate continues to hold steady or decline, we anticipate allowing some in-person club- and organization-associated events, as well. We will keep you updated.

Last week, we opened registration for intramural sports for play that is under way this week. Please continue to keep your masks on, physical distance, and follow all associated protocols at all times. Let’s keep this momentum going! 

P.S. Enjoy the warmer weather this week and get outside for some fresh air!

Denise A. Battles

Feb 26: Important Update on Available Study Spaces

After further study and with creative input from students, we are reopening some study spaces within our academic buildings. The study spaces include hallways and open areas such as atriums (no classrooms) and will be open Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. The spaces will be open to individual study (no groups) with at least six feet of distancing. 

Although we continue to see a concerning level of COVID-19 cases, this intermediate approach should help students who are seeking more study spaces on campus. As we see a decrease in our positivity rate, we will revisit our protocols.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!

Stacey Robertson, Provost
Feb 22: Pause Policy Update

On Friday, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a significant change in policy that will impact our campus community.

The governor announced a modification to the rules requiring colleges to go “on pause” and transition all in-person instruction and student activities to remote formats. For Geneseo, the prior guidelines called for the College to “pause” if 100 positive COVID-19 cases (exclusive of tests associated with re-entry) were reached within a specified 14-day period.

Under the New York State Department of Health revised guidance, which was issued over the weekend, Geneseo will be required to “pause” if “5% of the total on-campus population test positive using a 14-day rolling average.” While we await confirmation, we anticipate our new threshold will be 222 cases.

This is favorable news for our community; however we must not let down our guard. We currently have over 50 active cases, a concerning level of illness. Although we have no known instances of classroom spread, all of our previously-announced protocols remain in place at this time. Failure to follow these requirements will result in disciplinary action according to the SUNY Chancellor’s Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations.

We all must remain vigilant and committed to following public health guidelines, including mask wearing, physical distancing, monitoring for symptoms, surveillance testing, and cooperating with contact tracing. 

As Knights Protecting Knights, we will stay safe and healthy together. 

Thank you.

Denise A. Battles, Ph.D.

Feb 17: COVID-19 Update

We continue to see a concerning level of positive cases of COVID-19 among our student population and are seeking to keep you informed as new information emerges and responsive changes are implemented. Included in this update is information on the following:

  • Clarification on “Pause” Number and Campus Operations
  • New Centers for Disease Control Mask Guidelines
  • Travel Policy Adjustments

Clarification on “Pause” Number and Campus Operations

In terms of our COVID-19 dashboard information, there is a difference between our daily/current active case count, which stands at 112 as of today, and our 14-day case count, which is aligned with the SUNY COVID-19 Tracker, which today stands at 55. At this time, according to New York State Department of Health guidelines, if we reach 100 active positive cases in any of SUNY’s 14-day periods (the latest one began on February 13), exclusive of re-entry tests, we will need to go on a two-week pause. This means classes will go online for two-weeks. We will not send students home during this temporary period. We simply will go online while students living on campus and in Geneseo will remain in their residences rather than traveling home. Daily screening and weekly testing will continue. More details are available on our COVID-19 Information page under “Pause to In-Person Instruction.” 

New Centers for Disease Control Mask Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently issued new guidance concerning mask wearing. All faculty, staff, and students are now encouraged to wear two face masks -- a surgical mask and a cloth mask -- for maximum protection. It is recommended that all volunteers who are assisting with pooled testing, as well as those who work in positions where they are regularly in close contact with others, consider double masking.There are surgical mask dispensers across campus that students and staff can utilize at no charge.

Travel Policy Adjustments

The travel policy has been amended. Students who travel away from Geneseo for more than 12 hours and/or leave town overnight must:

  • Advise the Dean of Students office
  • Quarantine off campus for seven days
  • Provide a negative test result within three days prior to their return to Geneseo
  • Participate in the first available pool testing opportunity upon returning and quarantine until negative test results are returned or a positive-test isolation is completed.

View the full policy on our COVID-19 Information page (click on "Travel Rules")

We understand that this is a trying time for many and appreciate your continued vigilance as we work together to respond to the challenges arising from the pandemic to best protect you and our broader community.

Denise A. Battles, Ph.D.

Feb 12: COVID-19 Update

We have surpassed 100 on the SUNY COVID Tracker, a data point that should trigger a two-week pause to campus operations.

Just yesterday, the New York State Department of Health revised its guidelines for the Spring 2021 semester to exclude positive test results from returning students.

In addition, we have already taken a number of proactive steps in accordance with our spring reopening plan to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus, including changing to takeout dining only, virtual activity for all student organizations, and limited activity in academic buildings for in-person classes only. We have also met with student leaders who will help ensure compliance with the safety measures among their peers.

The College has ramped up testing to 100% of all students, faculty, and staff this semester. While we have seen an increase in the number of positive cases over the past 14 days, the rolling average positivity rate from campus-administered testing is about 1.35%, compared to the surrounding county at 3% and well below the state 14-day average of 4.4%. 

We will continue to test every person weekly, approximately 5,000 individuals, to ensure that we quickly identify and isolate anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. We are confident that the restrictions and aggressive testing we've put into place will allow us to continue to provide a safe in-person learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Thank you for all that you do to keep yourselves and our community safe.

Denise A. Battles, Ph.D.

Feb 10: Increase in COVID-19 Cases - Important Changes!

We continue to see elevated cases of COVID-19 through our off-campus and on-campus student communities. The majority of the positive cases have resulted from student interactions, including those who live together or spend a lot of time together, such as members of Greek organizations. In fact, 65 percent of the current active isolation and quarantine cases that we have documented are part of the Greek community.

Beginning tomorrow, February 11, the following protocols will be in place:

In-person classes will continue. We have not experienced any known spread in the classroom and we are committed to continuing face-to-face classes as long as we can safely do so. Students should not attend an in-person class if they are sick or experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Students will be allowed to access academic buildings to attend their classes, as well as engage with faculty through office hours or research. 

Students will not be allowed to linger in academic buildings; there will be limited seating available in Fraser Hall Library and the College Union for individual students who need study space on campus.

Student employees with on-campus responsibilities should consult with their supervisors to determine whether remote options are feasible. Student employees who must be on campus may continue to report to their assigned areas, when appropriate. Students should not report to work if they are sick or experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Dining will be takeout/grab-and-go only. Dining halls will have reduced seating to accommodate individual diners who do not have the option to eat elsewhere. Masks are required at all times, even during meals. Masks must be removed only as necessary to take a bite or drink and be immediately replaced. You cannot be unmasked for the duration of a meal.

Mandatory weekly testing will continue. Students also must continue to submit a daily screening through their health portal.

All student activities will continue to be virtual until further notice

We strongly discourage on-campus students from visiting friends off campus

Students are reminded that any violation of COVID-19 safety protocols will result in disciplinary action consistent with the Chancellor’s Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations.

We know how incredibly difficult this situation is for our campus community. We are committed to continuing our virtual programming to facilitate meaningful social interactions despite the limited ability to gather in person. After consultation with our Department of Health and based on our current knowledge about conditions, we intend to keep the fitness center open with enhanced safety protocols. We do understand the desire to use this facility and are seeking to do so with appropriate safety protocols in place.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will continue to keep you updated and informed as needed. For the latest details, visit the COVID-19 Information and Resources web page. We appreciate all you are continuing to do to protect your own safety and that of our community.

Denise A. Battles

Feb 5: Important Update on COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

We continue to see an alarming rise in positive COVID-19 cases, almost exclusively in our off-campus student population. Our top priority is to keep our community safe. Therefore, we are taking several steps as we transition into the Spring 2021 semester to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Our residence hall visitation policies are as they were in early fall, with access limited to those who are assigned to that particular building. Residents are not permitted to visit another resident’s room (even within the same residence hall) until we move into a second phase of visitation as we did in the fall. 
  • Off-campus students must get take-out meals and return to their residences to eat.
  • Common areas throughout campus will be at reduced density, either closed temporarily or with significantly reduced seating.
  • Spring intercollegiate athletic teams and intramural sports will not begin practice until further notice.* In addition, in-person student organization events are on hold until Mar. 1.

These measures will be re-evaluated in two weeks. 

Weekly Pooled Testing Begins

Weekly pooled testing starts Monday, Feb. 8. Students who miss a scheduled test will have 24 hours to complete a test and remain in compliance with college policies. Students who do not complete a test within this 24-hour grace period will lose key card access to campus buildings and will be locked out of most computer network resources, including Canvas and Zoom. Access will be restored within 12 hours of the student’s participation in testing. 

Although there can be exceptions for extreme circumstances (personal emergency, illness, etc.), in general faculty will not provide special accommodations for students who have lost access to course materials due to non-compliance.

Again, our intention is to make sure our campus community members are safe and we can continue with in-person operations for the duration of the spring semester. Please remember to be vigilant at all times, even with roommates or housemates. Please maintain physical distancing and wear your masks, and do not gather in large groups. Together we can reduce the spread!


Denise A. Battles, Ph.D.

*Updated 2/12/21

Feb 3: Urgent Message from President Battles - Negative COVID Test REQUIRED to Return to Campus

We are seeing an alarming increase in positive cases among our off-campus student community. It is vitally important that all students know that they CANNOT RETURN TO CAMPUS without submitting a negative COVID-19 test and attesting that they have completed their daily screening on their Health Portal

Students who return without submitting the necessary documentation will not be allowed access to any on-campus building and will be barred from accessing all in-person and online learning. They can expect to be subject to conduct action, as well. 

We have zero tolerance for non-compliance with these protocols. As part of our mission of caring for each other, we must be vigilant in making sure we are doing everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 on our campus and in the Geneseo community. 

See What Students Need to Know for full details on the Spring 2021 semester.

Jan 20: Details on Spring 2021 Weekly Pooled Testing

(Email to all students from Principal Student Health Administrator Megan Syfrett)

Dear students,

Please read this entire email for instructions.

The College began pooled surveillance testing of students in mid-September. To date, over 5,000 students have participated. Following SUNY System guidelines, the College is testing on a weekly basis all students residing on campus, off campus in Geneseo, or commuting to Geneseo during the spring semester.

Testing before the start of the Spring 2021 semester depends on your arrival date:

  • Students who have been on campus or residing locally since January 4 and have participated in weekly testing since January 7 must schedule a pooled test on either 1/25 OR 1/28, as well as 2/1.
  • Students arriving between now and February 1 need to schedule a weekly test according to their return date on the following dates:
    • January 21: 8 AM–2 PM
    • Wednesday, January 20 or Thursday,
    • Monday, January 25: 9 AM–1 PM or Thursday, January 28: 8 AM–2 PM
    • Monday, February 1: 8 AM–4 PM
  • Off-campus Students returning after February 1 must identify a date and time for pooled testing on Thursday, February 4 OR Friday, February 5 OR Saturday, February 6, 8 AM–4 PM
  • On-campus students returning between February 4–6, must identify the date and time they will move in either: Thursday, February 4 OR Friday, February 5 OR Saturday, February 6: 8 AM–4 PM
  • On-campus students returning by car will park in Lot B and participate in pooled testing and Res Life check-in at Sturges Hall.
  • Even if you have tested Positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you are required to participate in check-in for a temperature check and to ensure you’ve completed all other pre-arrival requirements.
  • Even if you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, you are required to participate in all testing requirements.

Weekly testing for the semester will begin on February 8

  • Testing will occur on the first floor of Sturges Hall, Monday–Thursday, 8 AM–4 PM
  • Students can schedule a day and time through their secure health portal. Students must arrive on time for their 5-minute time slot.
  • The day and time you choose for the week of February 8 will be your recurring appointment throughout the semester.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms the day of your pooled test, please contact the health office at 585-245-5736 and schedule an appointment for a rapid test. We do not want symptomatic students participating in pooled testing.
  • If you tested positive between November 3 and the start of testing, and submitted a copy of your positive test results, you do not need to pool test until 90 days after testing positive. For example, if you tested positive on November 16, 2020, you would not need to schedule your weekly testing to start until the week of February 16, 2021. Please email to reserve a testing time and date for the semester well in advance of your testing start date.
  • Commuter Students must sign up for pooled testing starting on the first day they return to campus for classes.
  • Student Teachers will need to make arrangements with their host school to arrive late or leave early to accommodate testing. Student teachers may arrange to be tested before normal testing hours at 7:45 AM We warn students against carpooling to Geneseo for testing.

Geneseo typically receives initial pooled test results within 48 hours. If a student’s sample is part of a positive pooled test, individual tests of each sample in that pool may take an additional 48 hours for results; all students in a positive pool must quarantine until individual results are known. All students living on campus must quarantine in Jones Hall unless you choose to go home until you receive your result.

To Schedule Pooled Testing for Spring 2021

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the blue Check-In/Schedule an appointment button.
  3. Select the blue Schedule an appointment button.
  4. On the “Please select the type of Appointment” page, select “COVID TESTING” and click continue.
  5. Select a date or select “Search for Appointments” for a list of available appointments.
  6. Select the date and time that works best for you for the semester and click continue.
  7. Review the appointment date and time and select “Schedule” to make your appointment.
Students Must Register with SUNY Prior to their Pooled Testing Appointment

Once students have signed up for a date and time to be tested, they must also register with SUNY Upstate Medical University for the pooled test by visiting the SUNY COVID Testing website and creating an account and profile prior to testing. Please note that students who have already pool tested this semester will need to access their account and enter the username and password that was established at the time of initial registration.

Health insurance information is requested to create a profile and only used if a student is identified in a positive pool. Students will only be notified of a result if they are identified in a positive pool. Otherwise, after 48 hours, your test result is confirmed negative.

Please remember, after testing, students must remain vigilant in limiting close contact with others, use face masks and continue hand hygiene protocols, both on campus and at home.

Students who have questions should contact

Jan 16: Spring 2021 Plan - Final Details

We appreciate everyone’s patience as our spring re-entry plan underwent a System-level review. Our approved spring plan is now available, as well as a What Students Should Know for Spring 2021 (PDF) guide. Below are highlights.

Semester Start and Return Dates

The first day of class will be Monday, February 1. Because of the dynamism and severity of the pandemic, and in the best interest of a safe and healthy return to campus, the start of in-person instruction is deferred until Monday, February 8. The first full week of classes will be held remotely. Residence halls will reopen on Thursday, February 4.

Student Protocols for Coming Back to Campus

Students who will have any on-campus presence will be required to complete daily health screenings through the health portal for two weeks before their return. Compliance will be verified as part of the spring semester check-in process.

They also will be required to submit a health attestation the morning of their return, indicating that they have completed a seven-day precautionary quarantine prior to returning to campus. Students, additionally, must provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within seven days before their return, and will be required to participate in on-campus pooled testing on the date of their return to Geneseo. Tests can be uploaded to the student health portal.

Any student who has tested positive for COVID after November 3 (and who may therefore still test positive) should submit documentation of the positive test result to their health portal. This documentation will be accepted in place of a negative test result, and will fulfill that requirement. Positive results prior to November 3 will not be accepted.

Students who have been living in Geneseo through Intersession, have participated in the ongoing pooled testing, and who participate in pooled testing on February 1 are exempt from having to provide a negative COVID test.

Please see the Information for Students and Spring Move-In 2021 pages for more details on what's new for Spring 2021.

Spring Semester Testing Protocols

Faculty, staff, and students with any on-campus presence for the spring semester will be required to sign up for weekly pooled testing held in Sturges Hall. Testing instructions will be sent to employees through their Geneseo email accounts. Individuals who have received one or both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine are still required to participate in pooled testing. Scheduling information for students will be forthcoming

Virtual Commencement

The Class of 2021 commencement ceremony will be a virtual event. More information will be forthcoming.

The latest information on COVID-19 will always be available on the COVID-19 Updates & Resources page.

To view older COVID-19-related communications, visit the COVID-19 Communications Archive.

Spring 2021 Calendar

  • February 1: First day of classes (online only)
  • February 4: Residence halls reopen
  • February 8: First day of in-person classes 
  • March 2: Rejuvenation Day—no classes
  • March 24: Rejuvenation Day—no classes
  • April 22: Rejuvenation Day—no classes
  • May 12: Last day of classes
  • May 22: Commencement

Academic Calendar 2021–22

Protecting Our Knights,
Protecting Our Community

Campus looks a bit different during the COVID-19 pandemic. SUNY Geneseo’s fall and spring plans have included many adjustments to ensure a healthy and safe environment—on campus and in the greater community.