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Dean of Students Office

The staff of the Dean of Students Office works directly with students to assist them in adjusting to college life and to resolve problems and conflicts that may arise during their undergraduate careers. In addition, the Dean’s staff works with students to interpret College policies and decisions, mediate conflicts, investigate complaints, coordinate the student conduct process, and assure full access to all opportunities offered by the College.

The Dean of Students’ office staff serves as an intercessor for Geneseo students experiencing difficulties and assists them in arriving at productive solutions. The staff also makes referrals to specialized services, consults with parents and faculty, and generally attempts to promote a healthy and productive campus environment.

The Dean, in conjunction with the Center for Community (, works to create and support a campus environment that encourages both intellectual and interpersonal growth. Visitors and inquiries are always welcome. The office is located in 354 MacVittie Union: (585) 245-5706.

Dining Services

See Campus Auxiliary Services.

Disability Services

See Accessibility Services

Discrimination (Policy on Non-discrimination)

In the operation of its programs and activities, the recruitment and employment of faculty and staff members, and in the recruitment, admission, retention, and treatment of students, the State University of New York at Geneseo does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status as either disabled or of the Vietnam era.

In the administration of services to students, no distinctions on illegally discriminatory bases are permitted with respect to the provision of financial assistance, counseling and tutoring programs, and activities, which are sponsored by the College.

On-campus housing is assigned on a non-discriminatory basis. Placement services and institutional facilities are made available only to persons, agencies, organizations, and firms which comply with existing equal opportunity laws, and the College so informs all clients, potential employers, lessors and sellers and recipients of significant assistance. Non-exempt agencies or organizations which do not agree to abide by the nondiscriminatory policies of the College, or that are found to have illegally discriminated, are denied College recognition, sponsorship, and use of College facilities and general or specific support.

Additionally, the College does not condone or tolerate sexual or racial harassment in employment or in its academic setting. Geneseo actively supports equal opportunity for all persons, and takes affirmative action to see that both the total student and employee populations at the College enjoy access to all programs and equal opportunities in all activities. Questions regarding issues of discrimination may be directed to the Dean of Students Office, the Director of Affirmative Action (Erwin 219), or the Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Services.

Dispute Resolution

See Dean of Students Office.

Discipline System

Student conduct is coordinated by the Dean of Students and the Student Conduct & Community Standards Office, MacVittie Union 354, (585) 245-5706 and (585) 245-5714, respectively. The Student Code of Conduct may be found in the policy section of this handbook. See also the website of Center for Community at


See Residence Halls.