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Student Handbook

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Satisfactory Progress

Satisfactory progress is defined as: (1) the completion of 11 semester hours of course work per semester (8 hours for freshmen and first-semester transfer students) with passing grades; and (2) a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. For more detailed information regarding standards and satisfactory progress, please refer to

School Closing

See Extraordinary Weather.

Sexual Harassment

SUNY Geneseo seeks to create and maintain an educational environment in which all members of the College community are free to pursue their educational goals. Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of the law (Sec. 703 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as amended, Title IX Education Amendments of 1972, and the New York State Human Rights Law) and will not be tolerated in the Campus community of SUNY Geneseo. The College will not condone actions and words that a reasonable person would regard as sexually harassing. It is the responsibility of every administrator, supervisor and faculty member to create and maintain an environment that is free of discrimination and allows full access and opportunity for participation to all members of the College community.

Sometimes people who are being harassed feel that if they ignore the problem it will go away. The truth is, the situation could continue or get worse. Sexual harassment can substantially interfere with a student’s education. For further information, consult the policy section of this handbook (which contains the Sexual Harassment Policy in full), or contact the Dean of Students Office at (585) 245-5706.

Intercollegiate Sports and Recreation

See Athletics and Recreation.

Student Association

Governed by an eight-member Student Association Executive Committee, the Student Association is the representative organization of all undergraduate students at SUNY Geneseo and serves as a leading student advocate to the College, to SUNY, and to the State. The Student Association funds over one-third of the nearly 180 college-registered student organizations in various categories, including activities commission, performing arts, service, media, club sports, academic majors, special interests, and social clubs. Through this structure, students develop their organizations’ constitutions, plan budgets, implement programs, work on committees, and make recommendations on College policies.

In addition, the Student Association provides various services to the student body, including legal education, graphics service, ticket office, technical services, photocopying and fax services, a vacation bus program for students from downstate areas, and a shuttle to the Rochester airport during official college breaks.

For more information regarding the Student Association, call (585) 245-5878 or go to their homepage at

Student Concerns

Any student concern may be directed to the Dean of Students Office in 354 MacVittie Union: (585) 245-5706.

Student Employment

Student Employment Service (SES) posts paid job opportunities for students. While most of these listings are for off-campus employment, some on-campus Temporary Service positions are posted as well. All of Student Employment Service postings can be accessed through the website at Students are encouraged to check the listings on a regular basis and keep an up-to-date profile on themselves. Work-study assignments are determined and assigned by the Financial Aid Office (Erwin 104).

Students may broaden their search by looking for work via employment ads in local newspapers and watching for signs in store windows. In addition, students looking only for on-campus jobs may check with other offices, departments, libraries, CAS and residence halls (desk attendants).

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally sponsored financial aid program that enables a student to earn money for educational expenses. Students must have financial need to qualify for FWS. To be considered for this form of financial aid, follow the instructions below:

For additional information on work/study positions, visit the Financial Aid website at

Study Abroad

Geneseo students are strongly encouraged to study abroad! Geneseo offers programs of its’ own in 28 countries – for an academic year, a semester, or for shorter periods during Winter break, Spring break, and Summer. We cooperate with other SUNY units and can offer advice on programs through other institutions. Students may obtain information on Study Abroad programs, application procedures, issues of credit transfer and additional information from the staff in the Office of Study Abroad Programs located in Erwin 106 or by emailing the office at Students can also visit the department website at Students who wish to study abroad should also consult with their academic advisors and with the Financial Aid Office.

Summer Session

Summer Sessions consists of a variety of terms that range from three to six weeks each. The Office of the Dean of the College publishes detailed information about courses and summer session dates in the spring semester and can be viewed at Undergraduate students who attend Geneseo during the regular academic year need only to complete the registration procedure to enroll in Summer Sessions. Non-matriculated students may register using the forms found on the Summer Session website. The maximum course load permitted during the six-week summer session is seven credit hours and the maximum for the three-week session is four credit hours. Geneseo students are limited to a maximum of 15 credit hours for the summer term.