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I.D. Card

Campus Auxiliary Services provides the official College identification card for all students, faculty and staff. In addition to meal plan purchases, the card is required for campus identification purposes as well as the use of the Library, access to athletic facilities and a variety of campus functions. Every student, faculty and staff member of the College will receive their first Geneseo SmartCard ID free of charge. If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, there will be a replacement charge.

This encoded ID card is used for all meal plan purchases. It can also be used for an optional prepaid debit account (the Campus Cash Account) that can be used at any CAS operation on campus including vending, Geneseo University Bookstore and participating uptown merchants.

If the card is lost or stolen, it should be deactivated immediately with Campus Auxiliary Services (meal plan) and Student Life (residence hall access). To deactivate meal plan access of your ID card, a telephone call to (585) 245-5648, a visit to the on-line card office  or a visit during regular business hours to Blake A, Room 108, is necessary. If the card is lost after regular business hours or on a weekend, stop at any dining center and notify the Campus Auxiliary Services cashier, who can also deactivate meal plan access of your ID card.

To deactivate residence hall access of your ID card, a telephone call to (585) 245-5726 or a visit to the Residence Life Office during regular business hours in College Union, Rm. 307 is necessary. If the card is lost or stolen after regular business hours or on a weekend, call University Police (585 245-5651), who can also deactivate residence hall access.

InterFaith Center

For thirty years, the InterFaith Center has quietly and effectively served the College and local community as a focus of Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish Campus Ministries. In addition to these ministries, many other college and community groups and agencies make part- or full-time use of the Center.

The InterFaith Center offers a number of denominational and ecumenical functions as well as pastoral guidance, workshops, and religious education programs. Newman Catholic Community and Hillel sponsor meals, social events, and worship services throughout the year. They also offer service opportunities for the student and the wider community. There are Jewish Holy Days, Shabbat services, a Kosher Passover Kitchen, and Jewish Awareness Month. Celebration and faculty-community forums attract students, faculty, administration; all people are welcome.

The InterFaith Center houses the offices of the chaplains, advisors, and staff for the following: Hillel & Newman.

The InterFaith Center’s Executive Secretary is on duty from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the fall and spring terms.
(See also : Newman Catholic Community)

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation

Geneseo’s Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Department offers a wide range of programs for both the serious and recreational athlete. The College’s intercollegiate athletics program is comprised of 20 teams, while an additional 12 teams compete as club programs.

For the recreational athlete, the college provides 23 intramural leagues in 9 different sports and 11 single day tournaments, along with recreational hours in the gymnasiums, swimming pool, ice arena, and jogging track. The college also has an all-weather track, two soccer/lacrosse fields, a softball diamond, field hockey field, and many intramural fields.

Club Sports
The club sports program is designed to offer opportunities not currently available in the intercollegiate program. Club teams exist in 12 different sports, five for women and seven for men. Club sports has its own organization with members from different teams serving on the executive board. Teams in crew, skiing, ice hockey, cheerleading, and rugby are currently fielded for women, while men participate in crew, skiing, tennis, rugby, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and baseball.  Co-ed teams consist of crew, ultimate frisbee, and the ski team.

Intercollegiate Athletics
The intercollegiate athletics program offers opportunities in twelve women’s and eight men’s sports. All teams compete at the NCAA Division III level, and the College is a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference and the State University of New York Athletic Conference. Women’s teams compete in soccer, cross country, volleyball, tennis, field hockey, basketball, swimming, indoor and outdoor track, softball, and lacrosse. Men’s sports include soccer, cross-country, basketball, swimming, hockey, indoor and outdoor track, and lacrosse. For further information regarding each of these programs, please contact the appropriate head coach.

Sports Facilities available to registered students with a valid ID card are:

Schrader Sports & Recreation Center
• 4 handball/racquetball courts

Merritt Athletic Center
• 3 squash courts, gymnasium, swimming pool, ice rink (October - March), jogging track, Workout Centre*, and aerobics room*

Outdoor facilities
• 8 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 400- meter track, and recreational playing fields

(*additional fees required)

Athletics And Recreation Hotline
For the latest sports scores or recreational hours, visit or call: (585) 245-5349 or -5350

International Student & SCHOLAR Services

The International Student & Scholar Services Office, located in Doty Hall, room 200, is responsible for the recruitment, credential evaluation, and admission of students from other countries. Prospective students considering undergraduate admission, who are not U.S. citizens should contact the Director of International Student & Scholar Services, Ms. Jennifer Kenyon, for appropriate application materials.

In addition to its admission responsibilities, the International Student & Scholar Services Office issues the federal documents required for prospective students (both degree seeking and exchange students) to obtain student visas for entry to the United States and enrollment at the university. The office acts as the liaison for the university between students on a F-1 visa and those scholars and students on J-1 visas with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  In that capacity, the office provides international students and exchange visitors with assistance on legal matters pertaining to their particular legal status in the U.S.  The office provides information on securing visas, obtaining social security numbers, on-campus employment, internships, and traveling outside the United States.

Specialized programs are provided by International Student & Scholar Services to assist international students and exchange visitors during their stay at Geneseo.  When international and  exchange students first arrive at Geneseo, the International Student Orientation program staff helps them adjust to study and life at a U.S. university.  In addition to the legal issues mentioned above, the International Student & Scholar Services staff helps students throughout their stay at Geneseo with academic, social, and health insurance matters.  During school breaks staff members plan trips to places around Geneseo and Rochester for those students staying in Geneseo.

See also: website for International Student & Scholar Services.