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College facilities are available to faculty, students, and campus organizations for the sponsorship of various educational programs, including partisan, political presentations in the context of equal opportunity and eventual balance of viewpoints. College members may be allowed to act as sponsoring hosts to external organizations which actually present programs. All programs will be conducted under College guidelines/supervision and may be open to the public. All facilities should be scheduled through the Campus Scheduling and Special Events Office

The resources and facilities of the College may not be used for the purpose of supporting persons who advocate violent overthrow of the government.

Solicitation for personal gain or profit by individuals and profit making organizations is prohibited.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for adhering to all College Policies and Procedures.


The Student Association offers a fax service for students. The fax machine is located in the Ticket Office, College Union Room 113. An employee of the Ticket Office is available to process the fax. The prices are as follows: to send a fax domestically, 50¢ per page; to send internationally, $5.00 per page; to receive a fax, 25¢ per page. The cover page is FREE! For more information, contact the SA Service Manager at (585) 245-5873.

Financial Aid Office

The Office of Financial Aid administers all student financial aid services including State and Federal loan, grant, and work-study programs. Staff members counsel students, prospective students, and parents on all sources of financial aid, application procedures, and repayment obligations.

Campus-based financial aid awards are based on demonstrated financial need and application by the deadline date. To be considered for financial aid assistance, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and request that the data be sent to the Office of Financial Aid at Geneseo. To receive full consideration, this form must be processed by March 1 of every year. Financial Aid Award Notices are available electronically to returning students in mid-April via Knightweb.