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Department of Student Health and Counseling

The Department of Student Health and Counseling at SUNY Geneseo provides primary physical and psychological care to all currently-enrolled Geneseo students. Geneseo students can visit Health & Counseling for a variety of health related issues. These include physical, emotional, sexual and nutritional health concerns, along with a variety of opportunities to learn about ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These services are delivered by licensed health care professionals who are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of college students. Health & Counseling follows ethical and practice guidelines mandated by New York State, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc., the American College Health Association and the American Psychological Association.

Health Services

Health Services offers physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of health problems common to college students, management of chronic conditions, and consultation on health issues. Additional services include a self care center, a Sexual Health clinic, nutrition counseling, and Trillium Health services for LGBTQ health needs, PEP and PrEP. Health Services dispenses many prescription and over the counter medications. Like primary care providers, health Services staff may refer students off-campus for specialized diagnostic service, (including x-ray) or treatment. Health Services does not take the palace of an emergency room in the case of a life threatening condition. We believe that there is more to a healthy campus than just taking care of sick students. Wellness programs and health consumer education are offered through our providers and the Office of Health promotion. With 2 locations, the Lauderdale Health Center located in North Village, and the South Village Health Center located in Onondaga Hall, we are open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Telephone consultation is available with a registered nurse and time the Health Centers are closed by calling 585-245-5736 and waiting to be connected to our contracted provider. To schedule appointments you can web book through your online health portal, or call 585-245-5736.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides psychological counseling and brief psychotherapy to Geneseo students who are experiencing a range of challenges in their lives. In addition to individual counseling, services include couples’ counseling, support and therapy groups, assessment, psychiatric consultation and a self-help library. Students in need of long-term or specialized treatment may be referred for treatment off-campus. Counseling Services is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment students should stop by Lauderdale 205 or call (585) 245-5716.

Medical History and Immunization Requirements

All students are required to submit a completed Personal and Medical History form prior to beginning classes. The physical examination is to be completed by the home health provider and the health history section should be completed by the student. The pre-enrollment physical can not be completed at Health Services.New York State law mandates that all students show proof of immunizations against measles, mumps, and rubella in order to be registered. State law also requires students to specify in writing whether they have received vaccination against bacterial meningitis. Students who do not present proof of required immunizations within 30 days of matriculation risk being disenrolled from the College. In keeping with recommendations of the New York State Department of Health and American College Health Association we strongly encourage students to also receive immunization against bacterial meningitis. Exemptions for medical and religious reasons are allowed (under specific circumstances) under the law. Students seeking additional information on exemptions should contact Health Services.

Health and Counseling Records

All student records at Health & Counseling are confidential and maintained with the strictest care to ensure students’ right to privacy, and are not part of students’ academic records. Separate records are kept for Counseling and Health Services, though counseling and medical staff may consult with each other about relevant information in order to provide the best treatment to our students. Information from students’ Health & Counseling records is not shared with anyone outside the department without their express permission, except in cases of imminent danger or as mandated by law.

Health Insurance

Because students sometimes need services beyond what Health & Counseling provides, we strongly encourage students to have adequate health insurance. Students should be sure that they are covered by any current plan and that out-of-area services are covered. Health & Counseling is not a participating provider with any insurance company. 

Leadership Opportunities

Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the College and the global community. Our mission is accomplished through education, development, and training of students in an extensive series of personal development programs, institutes, leadership certificates, service learning, volunteer work, and active engagement in college and community life. Students are encouraged to visit the GOLD Leadership Center in MacVittie College Union 114 and talk with the student volunteer GOLD Leader Mentor staff, view the GOLD website at, call Nick Palumbo, Assistant Dean for Leadership and Service at (585) 245-5857, or email

Leaves of Absence

Students may take Leaves of Absence from their studies for up to two semesters and retain the right to enroll at the College at the end of the leaves without applying for readmission. Students are eligible to take Leaves of Absence from the College if they have grade point averages of at least 2.0 and if they have no outstanding obligations to the College. See Application for Leaves of Absence.

Leaves are usually effective as of the beginning of the semester following the one when the application is filed. If students wish to take Leaves during a semester in progress applications must be filed before the course withdrawal deadline (approximately two-thirds of the way through the semester). In most cases, leaving the College after the withdrawal deadline results in grades of “E” in all courses.

Students who leave campus to study abroad or at another college may have to take Leaves of Absence, depending upon the types of programs in which they enroll. Students on Leaves of Absence who fail to return or to fulfill their obligations to the College will have their status changed from Leaves of Absence to Withdrawals.

Legal Education

The Student Association (SA) provides initial consultation with attorneys based in Geneseo and Mt. Morris at no cost to students. Most legal matters are appropriate for discussion. Appointments are made through the SA Office and most schedules can be accommodated. To make an appointment, contact the Administrative Assistant in the Student Association office at (585) 245-5878.

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