Student Health Fee

About the Health Fee

Most services at Health & Counseling are covered by the Student Health Fee, which is included as part of the Tuition & Fees paid by all registered students. The Health Fee is made up of two parts; a mandatory portion (paid by all students and unable to be waived, regardless of private health insurance coverage) and a voluntary portion. The mandatory portion covers only very basic health care. The voluntary portion allows us to provide additional services, including prescription medications and immunizations.

The mandatory portion of your Health Fee covers:

  • Medical consultation, examination, diagnosis, and treatment provided by a physician, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse
  • Counseling Services, including individual therapy, consultation and crisis services, and access to psychiatric treatment as appropriate
  • Health Promotion activities and events
  • Loans of crutches, canes, and reusable splints

The Health Fee does not cover visits to specialists, x-ray, emergency visits to local hospitals, physical or occupational therapy, ambulance transports, etc. You or your personal health insurance would be responsible for costs incurred in these situations. Health Services assumes no financial responsibility for care which you receive off campus. For more information about health insurance options, go to our Insurance Information page.

Benefits of the Voluntary Student Health Fee

With Voluntary Health FeeWithout Voluntary Health Fee
MedicationsHealth Services carries a broad spectrum of medications. If you become ill and medication is indicated, you will receive medication from our stock at no additional charge. In the event we do not stock a medication you may need, you will be given a prescription which you can take to a pharmacy; you will be responsible for the cost.If you become ill and medication is indicated, you will be given a prescription which you can take to a pharmacy, and you will be responsible for the cost.
Lab TestingLab tests, such as strep testing, mono testing, urinalysis, and pregnancy testing, are performed at Health Services at no additional charge. There are some lab tests that we are not equipped to perform. These will be sent to a private lab and you or your insurance company will be responsible for the fee.All lab tests (including strep testing), mono testing, urinalysis and pregnancy testing will be sent to a private lab and you or your insurance company will be responsible for the fee.
PhysicalsPhysicals for sports, foreign study, or other educational requirements are performed by appointment at Health Services at no additional charge. Non-Geneseo related physicals (e.g., work, graduate school) are performed for a small fee.Physicals for sports, work or foreign study must be performed by you own primary care clinician or by a local area clinician. You will be responsible for their fee.
ImmunizationsFlu vaccines are offered at no additional charge. Students may receive tetanus, meningitis, hepatitis and MMR vaccines at a low cost.
Tetanus vaccines are available for a fee, all other immunizations must be provided by your primary clinician.

Information contained in this web site with respect to fees was accurate as of July 2009.
Subsequent changes may not be reflected in this publication.

Payment of Fees

Fees at Health Services (for labs or other services) are billed to your student account. To protect your privacy, charges appear on your account as "Health Services Charge" rather than naming the specific test or purchase. With the exception of sending out lab work, please be aware that Health & Counseling does not bill private health insurance.  You will need to utilize your private health insurance for care provided to you mainly for off-campus services, such as specialist or hospital visits.

Waiver of Voluntary Portion of Student Health Fee

Students who wish to waive the voluntary portion of the Student Health Fee ($50/semester) must complete a waiver form (available from Health Services) and return it no later than the second Friday of the semester. If you do choose to waive the voluntary portion of your Health Fee, please keep in mind that this will result in you being charged for many of our basic services as described above. Students who (under rare extenuating circumstances) wish to appeal for a waiver of all mandatory fees must petition the Dean of Students.