Health Services

Health Services

Most services listed below, are covered by your Student Health Fee

  • Diagnosis and treatment provided by a physician, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse for common medical illnesses including:
    • Colds, sore throats, ear aches, stomach upsets, sprained ankles, and urinary complaints.
  • Care for students with more chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and eating disorders.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and non-symptomatic testing.
  • In-house lab tests such as strep testing, mono testing, urinalysis, and pregnancy testing.
  • More extensive blood and other laboratory tests will be drawn at the Health Center and sent to our outside laboratory facility for processing. Students' insurance information will be sent along with the lab samples for billing or can be billed to your Student Account.
    • Students are responsible for charges incurred if not using insurance or if their insurance does not cover the test.
  • Immunizations for MMR (measles-mumps-rubella), Tdap, Influenza, and Hepatitis B. Call ahead for availability and cost.  
  • Emergency Contraception Pill.
  • Medications. A limited number of medications are carried by the Student Health Service.
  • Referrals to specialists and/or hospitals as needed. (Students are responsible for charges incurred.)
  • Health Services does not provide emergency treatment and thus does not take the place of a hospital or emergency room in the case of a potentially life-threatening condition.

Medical Home

A Medical Home is student-centered, comprehensive, team-based, accessible, and quality-focused. Allow us to be part of your health care team. We need your detailed health history, recent physical exam, and immunization records in order to coordinate with your health care providers to offer you the best medical care. Student Health and Counseling, your "Medical Home Away From Home."

Health Services Also Offers

  • Loans of crutches, canes, and a small fee for reusable splints.
  • A Nurse Advice Line for consulting with a registered nurse when Student Health & Counseling is closed
  • PrEP at Geneseo
  • Self-Care centers where you can pick up your own (over-the-counter) medicine, information packets, sexual protection, and more
  • A secure messaging system for sending confidential messages to Health providers within the Student Health Portal
  • A prescription delivery service - Wegmans in Geneseo delivers prescriptions to the main Lauderdale Health Center building Monday-Friday during our business hours. New prescriptions must be received by 2 pm in order to be delivered that same day. To initiate this service, you must first complete this paperwork and turn it in to Wegmans or Lauderdale. Note that these forms will authorize Wegmans to keep your credit card on file. Notes about prescription delivery:
    • You must opt out of automatic refills; instead, inform Wegmans to deliver to Lauderdale when you call for a refill.
    • You may get a text from Wegmans that alerts you that your prescription is ready, but that does not mean it has arrived at Lauderdale.
    • Wegmans usually delivers prescriptions to Lauderdale on weekdays between 3 and 3:30 pm.
    • You must sign up each semester.
    • If you need help paying for your medication, review this information on drug assistance programs