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New Employees: Set Yourself Up for Success

Familiarize and Get Things Done on Day 1
  1. Did you complete the required new hire forms yet? You will want to make sure you do this today! We are not able to hire you to our payroll without a fully completed Eligibility for Employment, Form I-9. 
  2. Review office procedures with your supervisor and familiarize yourself with your department and building.
  3. Take a campus tour with your supervisor or virtually: 


Consider your Benefits Programs and Deadlines to Enroll

New eligible employees experience a waiting period before their health, dental & vision coverage begins. Click on your respective bargaining unit benefit summary for information. If eligible, enrollment in health insurance and retirement must be done within 30 days of your start date. 

  1. Benefits Summaries
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Dental/Vision Programs & Union Benefits Trust Funds


  1. Retirement Programs
  2. SUNY Voluntary Savings Program

Enrollment Forms - visit: 

When is Payday Again?

Geneseo prides itself on hiring our new employees on the first day of a pay period. We do this for you! When you start on the first day of a pay period (which is always a Thursday), your first check is a full paycheck. When you don't start on the first day of a pay period, your first paycheck:

  • will be less,
  • you will have benefits deductions and taxes take out and you have already waited at least a month before your first paycheck,
  • some of our bargaining units experience a "salary withholding program" deduction in addition to regular tax and benefits deductions. Starting on the first day of a pay period helps offset these deductions. 

Introduction to Getting Paid by NYS

SUNY Geneseo Faculty and Staff Payroll Calendars (tells you when to expect your paychecks)

FAQs - Direct Deposit Program

Ways to Give - Payroll Deduction for SUNY Geneseo Employees (scroll down to Payroll Deduction for SUNY Geneseo Employees, click on online service)

Set up Computer & Communications

Computing & Information Technology -

  1. CIT Information for Geneseo Employees 
  2. Claiming your Geneseo Account 
  3. Don't Get Reeled In by Phishing 
  4. Faculty and Staff Accounts 
  5. Google Workspace at Geneseo 
  6. LinkedIn Learning Training Library 
  7. Mobile Devices at Geneseo
  8. Printing @ Geneseo
  9. Requesting CIT Help: JIRA Service Desk
  10. Software at Geneseo


Familiarize Yourself with SUNY Geneseo Governance and Values
  1. About Geneseo
  2. SUNY Geneseo Organizational Structure
  3. Mission, Vision and Values