Using RTS-Livingston Bus Services

General Guidelines

  • Buses are to be boarded at posted stops only
  • No flagging is permitted along the route
  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes ahead of the projected stop time
  • To ensure you're boarding the correct bus, check the destination sign on the front of the bus or ask the driver
  • When the bus arrives, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, the doors open completely and all passengers exiting the bus are clear before boarding
  • If no pull cord is available, let the driver know ahead of time where you plan to stop (if nobody is waiting at that stop and they are not aware of your needs a stop won't be made)
  • Check to be sure you have all of your belongings with you 
  • DO NOT cross in front of the bus (school bus rules DO NOT apply)

Cost of Using RTS Geneseo Buses

SUNY Geneseo students, faculty and staff can ride the RTS buses for free with college ID.  All others must have EXACT CHANGE for the services listed below.

  • Daily Local Service Under 6, Must be accompanied by an adult: $0.00
  • Daily Local Service 6 - 12: $0.50
  • Daily Local Service Ages 12 - 60: $1.00
  • Daily Local Service Over 60: $0.50
  • Daily Local Service with Disabilities: $0.50
  • Geneseo - Rochester Service All Ages: $6.50

How to Use the Bike Rack

Bike racks are available on each RTS bus on the outside front of the bus.  They are a great option for commuters or recreational cyclists.

  • Place your bike on its kickstand on the ground in front of the bus
  • Firmly grasp the silver handle located in the center of the bike rack and squeeze until the rack releases
  • Lower the rack to the open position
  • Place your bike into one of the tire slots
  • Pull the padded tension bar out and over one of the bike tires and place the tension bar on top of the bike tire
  • Make sure the bike is firmly in place and board the bus
  • To remove, lift the tension bar up, return to the stow position, and remove your bike

Safety and Security

Passenger safety and security are important to SUNY Geneseo and RTS. We ask that you share this responsibility with us.

  • Use common sense
  • Respect fellow passengers
  • Respect bus operators and their requests
  • Notify the bus operator if you at any time feel unsafe, in danger, are lost, or observe anything unusual

Restrictions: What to Bring on the Bus

  • No loose animals: Service animals ARE allowed. Other animals are allowed, but must be in a cage that does not block the aisle.
  • No food on the bus
  • No open drinks on the bus
  • Bring only what you can carry
  • Do not bring anything that will block the aisle

Lost and Found

Please contact RTS at 585-658-4690 for help concerning lost and found items on any of the RTS Livingston Bus Service routes.