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Meter Parking

Hours of Operation

  • 7:00am - Midnight: all meters must be paid
  • Midnight - 7:00am: no parking is allowed at meters, paid or unpaid


  • U.S. quarters ONLY
  • One quarter = 15 minutes
  • Each meter has a specified time limit listed underneath the LED screen
  • Meters do not register nickels, dimes, or Canadian coins
  • Malfunctioning meters need to be reported to the University Police Department at (585) 245-5651 prior to leaving your vehicle


  • Schrader Hall, East Side (4)
  • Schrader Hall, South Side (1)
  • Park Street at Brodie Hall (2)
  • MacVittie College Union, West Side (4)
  • Lot Y (North Loop) (1)
  • Letchworth Drive at Letchworth Dining Hall (1)