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Taxi & Car Services Near Geneseo, NY

Uber and Lyft

Availability varies. 

Turbo Taxi

Contact:     Cameron Copeland, owner
Address:    Livonia, NY
Phone:       (585) 749-6648
Website:     Turbo Taxi Facebook
Hours:      Mon - Thurs 8:00AM - 7:00PM
                 Fri & Sat 8:00AM - 9:00PM, reservations required past 9:00PM
                 Sunday by appointment only
Quote:      Rochester Airport to Geneseo - $60.00
                 Trailways/Amtrak to Geneseo - $60.00
                 Dansville to Geneseo - $40.00
                 Around Geneseo - $15.00
                *Additional fees may be applied for after hours transportation, please call for a quote.
                *All taxes included

Payment:   Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or see "Medical Needs" to learn about billing options
Note:          $10.00 minimum on all rides. Reservations should be made in advance.

NEW: Turbo Taxi Bus is now available - see their Facebook page for more details

Dakota Medical Transportation

Contact:   Guy Folwell
Address:  581 Lyell Avenue, Rochester 14606
Phone:     (585) 235-7777
Website:   N/A
Hours:       24 hours
Quote:       Dansville to Geneseo - $110.00
                  Rochester to Geneseo - $75.00 to $95.00
                  Warsaw to Geneseo - $145.00

Payment:  Cash, credit card

Quality Transportation Group, Inc.

Contact:     Jim Havalack
Address:    PO Box 435, Pittsford
Phone:       (585) 455-8294 or (585) 455-8291
Hours:        24 hours
Quote:        Rochester to Geneseo - $65.00
                    Round-trip Rochester to Geneseo - $130.00
                    Dansville to Geneseo - $85.00
                    Round-trip Dansville to Geneseo - $170.00
                    Warsaw to Geneseo - $95.00
                    Round-trip Warsaw to Geneseo - $190.00

Payment:   Cash, credit card, or see "Medical Needs" to learn about billing options

Note:          Reservations should be made in advance

Able Express Transportation

Contact:    Daniel Hooper, dispatch/operator
Address:  17 Alexander Street, Rochester
Phone:     (585) 663-1600
Website:   N/A
Hours:      Will take calls until 11:00PM weekdays
                 Will take calls 24 hours a day on weekends
Quote:      Rochester Airport to Geneseo - $75.00
                Trailways/Amtrak to Geneseo - $80.00

Payment: Cash or American Express

Note:        Cost can be shared among passengers. Reservations should be made in advance

Legault Limousine Service/Around Town Shuttle Service

Contact:    Roger LeGault, owner
Address:   330 Kentucky Xing, Rochester
Phone:      (585) 227-9334
Hours:       24 hours
Quote:       Rochester to Geneseo - $65.00
                   Van service (up to 14 passengers) - $95.00

Payment:  Cash or credit card

Note:          Reservations should be made in advance

Mt. Morris Taxi Service II Inc.

Contact:     Sheila K. McCart
Address:    24 Damonsville Street, Mt. Morris
Phone:       (585) 658-4515
Website:    N/A
Hours:        6:00AM - 9:00PM; reservations required past 9:00PM
Quote:        Call to request

Payment:   Cash only

Town & Country Cab

Contact:    Dispatch
Address:   4343 Clearview Drive, Geneseo
Phone:      (585) 880-8056
Website:   N/A
Hours:      Confirm when making arrangements
Quote:      Dansville to Geneseo - $40.00
                 Warsaw to Geneseo - $40.00

Payment:  Confirm when making arrangements

RTS Dial-A-Ride

Contact:    RTS
Phone:      (585) 658-4690
Hours:      7am - 2pm
Quote:      $2 each way for local trips, call for more information

Payment:  Confirm when making arrangements

Note: Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance