Frequently Asked Questions: Parking at SUNY Geneseo

What do I need to purchase a parking decal?

You need the valid vehicle registration , a form of identification (College ID or driver's license) and cash, check (made payable to SUNY Geneseo) or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Remember ~ all unpaid tickets must be paid before a parking decal can be purchased.

What do I do if the Parking Services Office is closed?

You may obtain a temporary parking decal from University Police in Schrader Hall, Room 19, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where do I display my parking decal?

Your decal must be permanently affixed to the exterior of the driver's side rear passenger seat window.

What if I haven't received my registration for my new car?

Bring the temporary registration taped on your windshield to the Parking Services Office to obtain a parking decal or temporary parking permit. Remember ~ all lots on campus require a parking permit.

Where do I pay my parking ticket?

Parking tickets may be mailed to or paid in person at Student Accounts, Erwin 103. Fines are not paid at the Parking Services Office, nor at University Police.

Can I park at a meter with a parking decal and not insert coins into the meter?

No, payment is necessary at all meters; US quarters only ($.25 for 15 minutes). If a meter is malfunctioning, please contact University Police for repair.

There wasn't a sign where I parked...

Acceptable parking areas are indicated by posted signs or pavement markings. Parking is only authorized in posted areas.

If I have a different vehicle for the day, do I need a parking permit?

Yes, you may obtain a temporary parking permit Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM from the Parking Services Office or 24 hours per day, seven days per week from the University Police Department.

I have to load/unload items from my car, Where can I park?

All residence halls have loading docks with a 20 minute time limit. Special parking permission may be granted by the University Police or the Parking Services Office for emergencies or extraordinary circumstances by calling 245-5651 or 5978.

I received a ticket but I feel it is unjust, What can I do about it?

You have the right to appeal the ticket within five (5) business days of the charged violation by completing an Appeal Form.

I bought a new vehicle, can I transfer my current parking decal?

No, you need a new parking decal. Parking decals are not transferable. A nominal fee will be charged for the new parking decal.