Public Transportation to Geneseo and around Town

If you're planning to visit SUNY Geneseo for the first time or have a friend or family member that attends SUNY Geneseo, using public transportation can seem daunting. Hopefully the following information will help answer your transportation questions and help get you out and around Geneseo!

The most common ways to get to Rochester are via the Greater Rochester International Airport, Trailways Bus, Amtrak and Megabus.

Getting to Geneseo from Rochester

Taxi and Car Services

The easiest way to get from the airport, train, or bus station without worrying about what time or day of the week it is would be to hire a taxi or car service. The companies listed on our Taxi and Car Service page are recommended by students and their families, and as an added bonus their drivers are familiar with the SUNY Geneseo campus. There is of course an additional cost incurred when traveling via a taxi or car service. Quotes range from $55.00 to $95.00 one way.

RTS Livingston Bus Service

Another way to get from the airport, train, or bus station would be to utilize the RTS Livingston Bus Service. The Geneseo - Rochester Weekend Service runs only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday though so be sure to check the schedule before making your travel arrangements. Stops don't begin until late afternoon on Friday, so plan to arrive later in the day. General public fare is $6.50 one way and exact change is required.

It is always an option to take a Rochester public bus Regional Transit Authority (RTS) from the airport, bus, or train station to one of their stops that they have in common with us (for example: Marketplace Mall) and from there catch an earlier or later bus back to campus. Please refer to their website for schedule and fare information.

Trailways Direct to Main Street, Geneseo

There is a Trailways bus that comes to and leaves from Geneseo everyday. The bus leaves the Rochester Trailways Bus Terminal at 8:00AM and arrives on Main Street, Geneseo at 9:00AM, and in return the bus leaves Main Street, Geneseo at 5:45PM and arrives at the Rochester Trailways Bus Terminal at 7:05PM.

Catching this bus at 9:00AM from Main Street, Geneseo would get you to Elmira where to continue onto New York City there would be a change over to a Greyhound bus, a stop in Binghamton, and arrival at Port Authority at 5:45PM.

In the opposite direction, catching this bus at 5:45PM from Main Street, Geneseo would get you first to Rochester and then onto Batavia and into the Metropolitan Transportation Center in Buffalo at 8:55PM.

Tickets for Trailways can be purchased directly from Trailways NY at (800)295-5555 or locally through Sundance Books at (585)243-2250. Please reference the Trailways NY and Greyhound websites for further schedule and fare information.

Getting around Geneseo

RTS Livingston: Local Daily Service

This service will easily get you around both the SUNY Geneseo campus and the Village of Geneseo. General public fare ages 12 - 60 is $1.00 per ride and exact change is required. For more information including route schedules, route maps, and a list of businesses in route order please see Bus Schedules page.


A great way to maintain good health is recreational walking. Main Street is adjacent to the SUNY Geneseo campus so shopping and restaurants are within easy walking distance. Geneseo Tourism maintains information about historic and recreational places to enjoy, including walking tours of Geneseo and hiking trails in the area.


Lesson environmental impact, ease traffic congestion, and build fitness - weather permitting! Bring your bike to Geneseo during your visit and enjoy some of the areas biking trails or just use it to get around campus or the village. Students can rent bikes from the MacVittie College Union Concierge Desk.


Renting a vehicle for the duration of your stay is also an option. Enterprise is accessible via the Geneseo Public Bus Local Daily Service - after stop seven (WalMart) it is the Lakeville Road/20A stop. For more information including route schedules, route maps, and a list of businesses in route order please see our Bus Schedules page. Other vehicle rental companies are available at the airport and throughout Rochester.