SUNY Geneseo Rideshare

What is a rideshare?

A rideshare is a group of community members willing to give other community members rides to and from a specific destination.  Many people are able to find rideshare partners just by verbal communication, but there is now a Facebook group specific to our community on Geneseo Ride Board to enhance your rideshare options.  This group was opened and is run by SUNY Geneseo students and has no affiliation with our office. 

What are the benefits of ridesharing?

  • Save money on gas by sharing the cost with your rideshare partner/s
  • Save wear and tear on vehicles
  • Make new friends
  • Reduce traffic
  • Reduce pollution and greenhouse gases
  • Reduce dependency on foreign

Tips for a successful rideshare

Rules to establish before beginning a rideshare:

  • Compensation for driving - how much gas money will you expect/when is it required to pay
  • Driving schedule if both people will share the driving responsibility
  • Designated pick up point
  • Smoking/non-smoking rules
  • Eating/drinking rules
  • Unscheduled stops
  • Alternate drivers in case of emergency/illness
  • How long to wait for someone that is late
  • Emergency contact information

Rideshare safety:

  • You should meet potential rideshare members in a public place to discuss specifics before beginning a rideshare
  • Increase confidence in your travel partner by confirming phone numbers, exchanging photo ID's such as driver's licenses, asking for references, or reviewing their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles
  • Exchange emergency contact numbers
  • Exchange important medical information