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Office of the Registrar FAQs

Frequently asked questions about services provided by the Office of the Registrar. Please also see our How to Register for Classes page.

1. How can I obtain enrollment verification?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Student Menu".
  • Click on "Student Records".
  • Click on "Enrollment Verification".
  • Print the verification, and you can use it for insurance, scholarships, etc.
2. How can I find out who my advisor is?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Student Menu".
  • Click on "Student Records".
  • Click on "Student Information".
  • Look at name under "Primary Advisor". You can type your advisor's name into the "People Search" on the Geneseo website to find their email address.
3. How can I find out my time slot for registration?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Student Menu".
  • Click on "Registration".
  • Click on "Prepare for Registration."
  • Ensure that you do not have any holds that would prevent you from registering.
4. How can I update my off-campus address?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Personal Information Menu".
  • Click on "Update Off-Campus Address".
  • Fill out all relevant information and click "Submit".
5. How can I reset my PIN?
  • Enter Geneseo ID number on KnightWeb.
  • Click on "Forgot PIN?"
  • Answer security question.
  • You are directed to reset your PIN.
6. I've been locked out of my KnightWeb account.  How do I get back in?
  • Contact the Registrar's office at (585) 245-5566 Monday-Friday between 8-4.
  • Be prepared to provide some basic information for identity verification.
  • Your PIN will be reset and you will be given a temporary PIN, and asked to create a new PIN upon login.
7. How do I request a transcript?
8. How do I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account on Google Chrome.
  • Click on "Student Menu."
  • Click on "Student Records."
  • Click on "Academic Transcript."
  • To save a copy: Hold down CTRL and press A (CTRL + A). Right-click on the transcript and select "Print" on the pop-up menu. Change the print destination to "Save as PDF," then rename the file and click "Save."
9. How do I order a copy of my diploma?
10. How long after graduating do I receive my diploma?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Student Menu."
  • Click on "Student Records."
  • Click on "Academic Transcript."
  • It will say "degree awarded" with the month and year of your graduation if your degree has been awarded.
  • Diplomas are mailed approximately 90 days after degree has been awarded.
11. Where do I send my transcript to transfer credit from other institutions?

Send hard-copy (paper) transcripts to:

SUNY Geneseo
Office of the Registrar
Erwin 102
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

NOTE: If you're ordering from a school that uses Credentials Solutions for processing transcripts, you can send it as a PDF and we will receive it much faster! If your school uses a different company to process their transcript orders, you can have the official PDF emailed directly to

12. How can I tell if my transfer credit has been processed?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Student Menu."
  • Click on "Student Records."
  • Click on "Academic Transcript."
  • The transfer credit will appear as "TR" along with the name of the equivalent course offered at Geneseo .
13. How can I determine if I have a KnightWeb account?
  • Any graduate after 1989 and currently enrolled students all have access to KnightWeb with their Geneseo ID number.
  • If you graduated prior to 1990, you do not have a KnightWeb account but can still request a transcript here.
14. How do I drop a class?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.  Click on "Registration" --> "Register for Classes."  Click on "Term" and scroll down, then click the drop-down arrow next to the course you want to remove.  Select "Web drop/withdrawal" and click Submit.
  • If KnightWeb will not allow you to drop a class, and you are within the add/drop/withdraw timeframe, send and email to with your name, Geneseo ID number, and the CRN of the class.
15. How do I complete the Code of Conduct survey?
  • Sign into your KnightWeb account.
  • Click on "Answer a Survey."
  • Go to the Code of Conduct survey.
  • Complete survey.
16. Where do I send my AP scores?

Our office needs to receive the official document from College Board with your AP scores. You can have College Board send your scores to:

SUNY Geneseo
Office of Admissions
200 Doty Hall
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

17. How do my transfer courses count?

Transfer Equivalency

18. What are the requirements for cross-registration?
  • The requested course is NOT available at the home school.
  • The student is a full-time undergraduate student at their home school throughout the duration of the requested course. A full-time student is defined as a matriculated student carrying not less than 12 credit hours. You must be a non-matriculated student at the visiting school.
  • The course is applicable toward the student's undergraduate degree program.
  • Registration is on a space available basis.
  • Registration dates and deadlines vary by college. You are responsible for contacting the host institution for registration related dates and deadlines and determining which office(s) are responsible for signing your form.
  • Students are governed by the academic policies of the institution visited with regard to course requirements, withdrawal policies, etc.
  • Cross-registration is not applicable to intersession or summer programs, graduate students, or graduate-level courses.
  • Consult with your Dean or Registrar regarding the policies of transfer credit and inclusion of quality points.
  • Please be prepared to pay any course-associated fees at the time of registration. 
19. Why is there a $20 late add and/or a $40 late registration fee charge on my student account?
  • Under College policy, any student whose initial term registration occurs after the published registration deadline will be assessed both a $20 late add fee and a $40 late registration fee. A student who makes an adjustment to an existing schedule after that time will be charged a $20 late add fee.