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FAQ About Billing and Payments

When is my bill due? 

Bill due dates for the 2020-2021 year may be different due to COVID-19

Fall bills for advance registered undergraduate students are due on August 1.  Spring bills for advance registered undergraduate students are due on January 2.  For all other students, your bill due date will be located on the top portion of your most recent billing statement and can be viewed at your Student Account Center.  

What are the penalties for paying after the deadline? 

Due to the pandemic, students will not be de-registered for the spring 2021 semester

For the fall and spring semesters, any advance registered student whose bill is not settled by the due date will be de-registered from their courses.  To avoid de-registration students must either pay their bill in full by the due date, establish adequate financial aid, or set up a payment plan and make the first payment.  

Additional penalties for not settling a bill by the due date include a financial hold being placed on the student's record, and/or a late fee of up to $50.00.    

How can I give someone else access to my billing information? 

Students can establish up to five Authorized Payers.  Authorized payers will have their own access to view bills and make payments online.  Establishing an authorized payer also gives Student Accounts staff permission to discuss the student's account details with that individual.  If a parent or other third party will be helping you pay your College bill, we recommend setting that person up as an Authorized Payer.  

How will I receive my bill? 

SUNY Geneseo bills electronically.  When a new billing statement is generated, it will be uploaded to your Student Account Center.  From there, you can view your bill and make payments online.  Students and authorized payers will receive an email whenever a new billing statement is available.    

How can I pay my bill? 

SUNY Geneseo accepts personal check payments, cash, MasterCard, Visa & Discover.  Please see How to Pay Your Bill for more information.  

Are there fees for paying by credit card? 

No - SUNY Geneseo does not charge any credit card processing fees.  

Are payment plans available? 

Yes - SUNY Geneseo offers two payment plans that allow students to pay their balance in installments over the course of a semester.  Additional information is available on our Semester Payment Plans page.  A payment plan worksheet must be submitted each semester that a student wishes to enroll in a payment plan.    

I paid my bill - why is there still a balance on my Student Account Center? 

The Student Account Center displays two amounts on the View & Pay Accounts screen - the Current Balance and the Statement Balance.  The Current Balance is the most up-to-date, and reflects the real-time balance on the student's account.  The Statement Balance always reflects the balance that was due at the time the last billing statement was generated.  This balance is only accurate as of the date the last statement was generated and is not updated when a payment is made.  If your Current Balance is zero, then your account is settled.    

Why isn't my financial aid reflected on my bill? 

If you were expecting aid that is not reflected as a credit on your bill, please check the status of that aid with our Financial Aid Office.  There are likely additional steps that need to be completed before the aid will credit your bill (i.e. completing applications, accepting loans, completing verification, etc...). 

Students can check their outstanding financial aid requirements in Knightweb under the Financial Aid tab.   

I'm receiving an outside scholarship - will that appear as a credit on my bill? 

If you are receiving an outside scholarship and would like to receive credit on your bill, please send a copy of the scholarship letter to the Student Accounts Office.

How can I add an off-campus meal plan? 

Off campus students can choose from any of our meal plans and can add it to their account by submitted a Meal Plan Change Form at  After submitted this form, your meal plan will be activated and the charge will be billed to your student account.    

How can I change my meal plan? 

Resident students will automatically be placed in the lowest mandatory meal plan as their default plan.  To upgrade or change this meal plan, you will need to submit a Meal Plan Change Form at  

When can I expect my refund if I have a credit balance? 

Your refund will be issued when all of your financial aid funds have paid to your account and created an overpayment.  Any College-billed expenses (tuition, fees, room, meal plans etc...) will be paid first with your financial aid funds, and any extra will be refunded to you.  Financial aid funds may pay at different times throughout the semester, which means your refund may be generated in increments as funds are received.  If you are expecting a refund, the use of direct deposit is strongly encouraged!  

What is Registration Confirmation and why do I need to do it? 

When a student's charges are completely covered by financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, etc...), we require you to confirm registration.  This lets us know that you will be attending your courses and are accepting the charges listed on your student bill.  Your financial aid will not pay to your account until this step is completed, which can delay refunding.  If you need to confirm registration, you will receive an email from the Student Accounts Office with the link where you can do so.  The link is also available on our Forms & Resources page.  

I attempted an online credit card payment, but it was declined - what's wrong?  

Many financial institutions have a daily spending limit in place to protect consumers.  If you are attempting to pay online with a debit or credit card and it is not working, please check with your bank or financial institution to be sure the transactions doesn't exceed your daily spending limit.  If your student account is locked due to too many failed transaction attempts, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 585-245-5621.  

I'm paying from a 529 College Savings Plan - what do I need to do? 

You will need to contact your account administrator to request that payment be issued to SUNY Geneseo.  While each plan is different, many provide withdrawal forms on their websites.  You may be asked for Geneseo's federal school code, which is 002845.  Payments can be mailed to the Student Accounts Office.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your payment to be received by the College.