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FAQ About Billing and Payments

Q: How can I get my eBill sent to another email address?
A: By adding an alternate email address under your "My Profile" at the Student Accounts Center you can have emails sent to both your Geneseo and an alternate email address whenever a eBill is sent. You can also set up authorized users, such as parents or guardians.

Q: When is my college bill due?
A: The Fall bills for advance registered Undergraduate students are due on August 1. Spring bills for advance registered undergraduate students are due on January 2.

Q: What forms of payments are accepted?
A: SUNY Geneseo accepts - personal check, cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Q: What does it mean to have a financial hold on my account?
A: Following SUNY policy, a financial hold is placed on a student's record when there is money owed to SUNY Geneseo. All grades, transcripts and future registrations will be withheld until full payment is received. You can view your hold status and make payments on the Student Account Center available through Knightweb or at Holds will be updated immediately for payments made via the Student Account Center.

Q: I am studying abroad, do I have to pay the Comprehensive Fee?
A: Students who are studying abroad do not have to pay the Comprehensive Fee. Make the adjustment on the top portion of the billing statement.

Q: Can my PLUS Loan be refunded to the student?
A: Yes, with written permission from the parent borrower.

Q: Why isn't my scholarship shown on the bill?
A: Private scholarships will be listed as a credit on the bill only after the scholarship money has been received by the college. You may use the scholarship as a deduction by providing a letter from the awarding agency stating the amount of the scholarship.

Q: What payment plans do you offer?
A: SUNY Geneseo is pleased to offer two Tuition Installment Plans. Administered by the Office of Student Accounts, these plans are an interest free option that allows students to pay their semester bill in either two or four installments. You can sign up for either plan on-line at

Q: How do I get an off-campus meal plan?
A: You can select a meal plan on-line at Make the adjustment to your billing statement and make appropriate payment. Meal plans may also be purchased at the Office of Student Accounts, Erwin 103.

Q: I'm paying with the College Savings Program, what information do you need?
A: Send the Student Accounts Office a copy of your savings withdrawal request prior to the billing due date. The copy can be faxed to 585-245-5070 or emailed to Please Note: The Federal School Code for SUNY Geneseo is 002845, the campus code is 00.

Q: Why do you charge a late fee?
A: It is common business practice to establish payment due dates and to enforce them in some way - either through late fees or interest charges. Most students avoid them entirely by simply taking care of their finances in a timely manner, meaning applying for financial aid on time, making payment at least five business days prior to invoice due dates, etc.