Apply for Study Abroad

On this page you will find a basic overview of how to apply for a study abroad program.  The specific application requirements and process will depend on what type of program you will be applying for.

Application opening dates and deadlines are generally listed below. You will follow this chart according to the term you wish to study abroad for the upcoming year. Please note, these dates are subject to change.

Term              Application Opens Application Deadline
Fall/AY             January 1st March 1st or 15th
Winter Intersession      March 1st      September 15th or October 1st
 Spring                    July 1st September 1st, 15th or October 1st
Spring Break                      July 1st  November 1st 
Summer                    September 1st October 15th - March 1st

 Apply Online

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the application process in more detail, after reviewing this page, please come meet with a Study Abroad Intern or email to set up an appointment.

Geneseo horizons

To submit an application online, click the Apply Now! button on the program webpage. This will bring you to the Geneseo Horizons log in portal (pictured at right). 

Geneseo students log in using the Central Authentication link in the middle column.

Students from another SUNY campus or non-Geneseo students will need to register and create an account before they can log in.   To do so, click on "Non-Geneseo Students Register Here."

Once you have logged in to Horizons, click the "Search Programs" tab at the top of the page and click the Apply button next to the program you wish to apply for!  You will then move through the application steps.  Here are a few notes:

  • Our application will require you to upload a scan of your current passport, so you may want to have your passport in-hand when applying.  Geneseo students can find scanners in Milne Library.  If you do not have access to a scanner, simply skip the passport step on the application and send us a copy of your passport in the mail - our office can upload it for you.
  • Application Fee - All programs require a $20 application fee, which can be paid online using a credit card or by sending cash, check, or money order to the Geneseo Study Abroad Office.  Please make checks and money orders payable to 'CAS International Programs.')  See the Contact Us page for our mailing address.  
  • For semester or year-long applicants, don't forget to submit the online recommendation requests!  When you submit a recommendation request, an email will automatically be generated to your professor, asking them to complete the recommendation for you.  Pay careful attention to how many recommendations you need!  Language programs need to submit two recommendations plus a language proficiency statement. Semester programs taught in English only need to submit two recommendations.

Don't worry!  If you are missing any application materials, we will let you know!

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automated email confirming your submission.  At that point your application status will change from "Incomplete" to "Pending".  You can stop and restart your application at any time - just hit the "Save and Continue Later" button - but make sure that you actually submit the application by the deadline.  Once you submit your application, don't forget to pay the $20 application charge.

Application Review

The review process is different depending on what type of program you have applied for, but here is a general overview:

  • For Faculty-led Programs: the faculty instructor of the program will review applications and make admissions decisions.  Most faculty members will consider things like GPA, class standing, judicial history, and interest in the program (based on what you've written in your study statement on your application). Once you have submitted your application, and your application status shows up as "Pending", the Study Abroad Office will initiate the review process. 
  • For Language programs (both semester and summer): the Department of Languages and Literatures will review applications and make admissions decisions.  In this case, the Department will be looking to see that you have met the language course pre-requisites for the programs (most of Geneseo's language programs are full immersion and require advanced level coursework before applying). 
  • For Semester Programs taught in English: the Study Abroad Office will review applications and make admissions decisions.  Our office will look to make sure that you meet the host institution's minimum GPA requirements and that you're study statement is thoughtful and concise. 

In all cases, regardless of who reviews your application, the Study Abroad Office will send you an admissions decision via email. You receive the decision within 7 to 14 days of the application deadline, unless our office tells you otherwise.  Your application status will change from "Pending" to "Conditional Approved", "Not-Approved", or "Waitlisted".  If you are Not-Approved or Waitlisted, we will provide you with a reason why.

Confirm Acceptance

Congratulations!  You've been accepted into a Geneseo study abroad program!

You will be asked to submit a deposit and hand in the Agreement and Release for Study Abroad Form in order to confirm your spot on the program.  The acceptance email you receive from our office will give you exact details on how much your deposit will be and how to pay.  The Agreement and Release Form is a sort of "agreement" you sign with our office acknowledging that you are participating in the program and that you agree to respond to all deadlines and communications from our office in a timely fashion.  If we do not receive your Agreement and Release Form and deposit within 7 to 10 days of the approval of your application, we will offer your spot to another applicant.

Your acceptance email will also provide detailed information about the pre-departure steps you need to take!