About the Study Abroad Program

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Program Types

Semester Study Abroad - Students attend a university abroad as a visiting international student. Geneseo reviews students based on the host university's selection criteria. Students enroll in classes at the host university and transfer their courses back to Geneseo. With careful planning, students from any major are able to study abroad for a semester.

Semester Exchange - Students participate in a student exchange with one of Geneseo's exchange partners. Geneseo reviews and nominates students based on the criteria of the exchange agreement. Students enroll in classes at the exchange university and transfer their courses back to Geneseo.

Short-Term Faculty Led - Typically summer, intersession, or spring break programs. Students travel with a Geneseo faculty member and are directly registered for a Geneseo course taught by that faculty member. The duration of the program will depend on the number of credit hours of the course.

Short-Term Host-Institution - Similar to a semester program, but in the summer. Students take summer-sessions courses at the host university abroad and transfer their courses back to Geneseo.

Program Providers

Students can choose to study abroad on a Geneseo program in a variety of locations based in 38 different countries. Students from other campuses are welcome to study on Geneseo programs. Browse Geneseo programs now! SUNY Geneseo students also enjoy the benefit of being able to study abroad on any program offered by a SUNY institution. Visit the SUNY System Abroad website to search programs available across the SUNY system.

Students may also choose to study abroad with universities or private providers outside the SUNY system. If students enroll in non-SUNY programs (including community college programs) they will need to request than an official transcript from the sponsoring institution be sent to the Registrar's Office. In addition, Geneseo students who participate in non-SUNY study abroad programs must follow the steps listed on the Accepted Student website.


Students studying abroad for a semester generally take the equivalent of full course-load at SUNY Geneseo (12 US credits minimum). Students often fulfill requirements for their major(s), minor(s), and/or General Education Requirements.

For semester or year-long programs, you should begin exploring study abroad possibilities at least 6 to 12 months before you plan to study abroad, in order to determine whether and how courses will transfer back to Geneseo, meet deadlines for applications, explore financial aid, and make contacts and plans in your host country. You will need to complete a Course Approval Form before the beginning of the program or shortly thereafter.

For semester and host-institution programs, transfer credit is awarded if a grade of "C-" or higher is earned. Grades earned abroad are not calculated into a student's SUNY Geneseo grade point average, but a Study Abroad Transcript Supplement is generated which lists these grades. For Faculty-Led Programs, students will receive a grade for the course they are taking that will count towards their Geneseo G.P.A.

Foreign language experience is not required to study abroad. Programs are available in English-speaking countries as well as programs taught in English in countries whose native language is not English. Consult individual program pages for information regarding language requirements.

For short programs, especially summer programs, you should explore possibilities at least a semester beforehand. In addition to reviewing the information on this website, attending a Geneseo Study Abroad Fair is a good way to learn about available programs. Information on study abroad experiences and programs also is available in our office at Erwin 218. Please contact us for guidance as you begin your search.


Passports are required for travel anywhere outside of the United States. Don't have a passport yet? Apply for your passport now!

While the Study Abroad Office offers guidance on passports and visas, ultimately students are responsible for obtaining a valid passport or visa (if required) for studying abroad.


For specific program costs, please consult the webpage for that program. Browse Geneseo programs now! Regardless of the program that you choose (Geneseo or other SUNY), you will be charged tuition at the current SUNY per credit or per semester rate. Students are able to apply their financial aid package if studying on a semester program. Students are eligible to apply their financial aid during the summer if taking at least 6 credit hours during the summer term. To be eligible for financial aid, all students must complete the FASFA.

Admission Criteria

Criteria varies for each program. Consult a particular program page for specifics about admission criteria for that program.


In general, deadlines are important. The Study Abroad Office sets deadlines for applications, deposits, paperwork, and various other required materials. The Study Abroad Office uses email as its official means of communication with students. Please be vigilant about checking your email and adhering to the deadlines published by the Study Abroad Office. Application deadlines vary by program. Please consult the program's webpage for the specific application deadline for that program.

The Study Abroad Office


The Office of International Programs at SUNY Geneseo is dedicated to actively promoting global awareness and intercultural understanding, supporting the exchange of people and ideas, and developing opportunities for global study, research, and service for students, faculty, and staff.


The Study Abroad Office at SUNY Geneseo strives to provide all program participants with significant personal attention throughout the entire study abroad process. The Study Abroad Office staff assists students in finding a program that meets their academic and personal goals, guides students through the application process, and prepares students for their experience. Once abroad, we actively work to mitigate administrative issues to ensure that your experience is rewarding. Upon your return, we welcome you back to campus and assist you in articulating your experiences.


Email us: studyabroad@geneseo.edu Visit us: SUNY Geneseo College Stuy Abroad Office Erwin Hall 218 1 College Circle Geneseo, NY 14454 Call us: 585-245-5546 Fax us: 585-245-5032

Health, Safety, Security

If you have health or vaccination questions about a specific country, please consult the CDC's Travel website or a travel health clinic such as Passport Health.

All students participating in SUNY-sponsored study abroad programs are required to purchase international health and repatriation/evacuation insurance. For SUNY-sponsored programs this insurance is provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance. Students who need routine medical care for pre-existing conditions while abroad should consult with the Study Abroad Office and the insurance provider prior to their departure.

Safety and Security

Our partners and program locations are carefully selected with safety as an important consideration. While there can never be a guarantee of complete safety, Geneseo will not send students abroad or keep them there if we consider the risks to be unacceptable. We prepare students with pre-departure orientation and monitor on-the-ground situations on a daily basis. For further information about safety while abroad, consult:

Consular Affairs

Overseas Citizens Services (for answers related to questions concerning crisis abroad involving American citizens): 1-888-407-4747 toll-free within the United States (from abroad: +1-317-472-2328)

Department of State Learn About Your Destination (information about individual countries)

Department of State Students Abroad Webpage

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