Study Abroad Financial Aid Information

Financial aid Info

Program Costs

The cost of studying abroad depends on the program the student attends. Specific information about costs can be found on each of the individual program pages.

Programs in some regions such as Africa, Central America and South America may provide students with alternative options to the high cost of living in European countries. If you are curious about the relative costs of living in different areas of the world, come speak to our mentors about their experiences or talk to a Study Abroad Advisor about the varying costs of countries around the world.

Program costs listed for the program do not include the various daily expenses of living in a foreign country, such as travelling or shopping for souvenirs. It is important to consider this  when budgeting for your time abroad. Currency exchange rates can affect the cost of living for students who are abroad, so it is important to be aware of how the currency in your country compares to the US dollar.

Regardless of the program you choose, you will pay tuition to your SUNY campus at the current SUNY per semester or per credit rate.

Financial Aid Information

Students who receive financial aid may be able to apply for assistance while studying abroad. Other resources such as scholarships are available to students who find that their aid is not sufficient to support the costs of studying abroad. Information about the types of financial aid available to Geneseo students can be found on the Financial Aid Office's website.

The Financial Aid Office's website has instructions for filling out the FAFSA and TAP application forms, as well as contact information in case you get stuck. Students who have been accepted to a study abroad program must meet with the Financial Aid Office and complete the Financial Aid Arrangements form to arrange for Financial Aid to be distributed while participating on a study abroad program.


A full list of the scholarships offered by Geneseo can be found on the Study Abroad Scholarships page. Geneseo offers two types of Study Abroad scholarships: general and program-specific. Students should apply using the Horizons portal, keeping in mind the deadlines listed on the scholarship page.

There are numerous other general scholarships and resources listed on the Additional Scholarship Opportunities page. The general scholarship page is designed to provide students with a starting point from which they can begin to search for other available financial support.