Study Abroad Forms and Downloads



To search for a program and apply go to:

Please stop by the Study Abroad Office, Erwin 217, call 585-245-5546, or email if you have any questions.

Accepted Students:

Faculty-Led Program Student Handbook

Student Handbook/SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Policies and Procedures for students participating on a Geneseo Study Abroad Faculty-Led Program.

Host Institution Program Student Handbook

Student Handbook/SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Policies and Procedures for students participating on a Geneseo Study Abroad Semester-long or Short-term Host Institution Program.

Agreement and Release

To be completed upon being admitted into a Geneseo Study Abroad program.  This is a legally binding document and should be read carefully.  If you have any questions about the form or its contents, inquire with the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible.  This form was sent with your original acceptance notification email.

Financial Aid Form

Please fill out this form with the Financial Aid Office if you intend on using Financial Aid to pay for your study abroad.  Original was copied on blue paper and included in your Acceptance Packet.  Please read page 2 for policies/procedures for using financial aid to study abroad.

Course Approval Form

This forms needs to be completed by all students participating on a semester, non-faculty-led/host-institution, or other-SUNY study abroad program.  Please email with questions about completing the Course Approval Form.

Grade & Credit Conversion Chart

This document articulates how grades and credits taken on SUNY Geneseo study abroad programs are transferred by Geneseo.

Pre-Departure Orientation Guide

This guide is a helpful resource that provides students with information to consider prior to departure and upon arrival abroad.  Students participating on Geneseo programs are expected to read and complete a follow-up assessment related to the guide.

GeoBlue Student Member Guide

This 2017-2018 GeoBlue health insurance guide includes important information such as a schedule of plan benefits, information on how to get care when you are abroad, and how to file a claim.

GeoBlue Student Training Presentation  This presentation will help you to become more familiar with your health insurance plan and GeoBlue portal. It will guide you on  everything from pre-trip planning to how to file a claim.

Re-Entry Resources Packet

This guide contains information common to the re-entry experience.  Re-entry is different for all students, but this packet provides information to aid students in this process.


Faculty Handbook

Handbook/Policies and Procedures for Study Abroad Faculty.