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Study Abroad Interns

Study Abroad Interns are Geneseo students who have previously studied abroad. These students hold drop-in peer advising hours and offer their time to assist current Geneseo students in selecting the right program, working through the application process, and learning specifics about their respective programs. 

Make a peer advising appointment through EAB Navigate. Instructions can be found here.

Intern Profile: Kera Franceschini

Fall 2021 Intern Hours


Major: International Relations and Political Science

Minor: Sociology

Year: Senior

Hometown: New York City

Office Hours -

Monday: 2:30 - 4pm

Tuesday: 1 - 2:30pm

Thursday: 1 - 2:30pm

Study Abroad Program: FSD Uganda Virtual Internship Program

Campus Engagement:

Along with my work in the study abroad office, I am a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and of the Geneseo Wind Ensemble. I have also previously served as a humanities teacher's assistant, worked on my hall council, and have actively volunteered for a variety of local organizations.

Why are you excited to be an intern?

It is an awesome opportunity to be able to advise future study abroad participants. As someone who is passionate about the advantages of studying abroad and cultural immersion as a whole, it is so exciting to hopefully be able to convince students to do just that!

Fun Facts:

I'm a dual citizen.

I collect old postcards, I have one dating back to the 1920s!

Why did I decide to do a virtual study abroad?

Covid put a major dent in my study abroad plans as I was supposed to participate in a semester-long program in Switzerland. Luckily, Geneseo along with FSD Uganda offered a virtual internship which I had the amazing opportunity to participate in.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

After graduation, I hope to move abroad for a few years! I'm not picky about where.


Intern Profile: Margaret Hewitt 

Fall 2021 Intern Hours


Major: Sociology and International Relations

Minor: History

Year: Senior

Hometown: Utica, NY


Office Hours:

M/T/W/R: 11:20am-1pm

Friday: 10am-1pm

Study Abroad Program: SUNY COIL Global Commons, Kaya Virtual International Internship

Campus Engagement:

I participate in a wide variety of activities outside my work in the study abroad office. I am on the Student Association executive board, serving as the Director of Student Affairs, I am the vice-president of Peace Action Geneseo, and I work on campus at Starbucks among other things.

Why are you excited to be an intern?

I am super excited to learn more about the study abroad process, especially because I was not able to complete my in-person study abroad programs. I look forward to meeting a wide variety of students who are interested in studying abroad and helping them on their journey to explore the world! International education is a field I have participated in will always advocate as an important part of the human experience, so helping fit that into the Geneseo experience is an amazing opportunity.

Fun Facts:

I was one block away when the Notre Dame burned down in 2019

I’ve had a few videos on Tik Tok go viral

Why did I decide to do a virtual study abroad program?

My interest for both of the programs I participated in stemmed from the programs’ emphasis on learning more about the culture and engaging in cross-cultural education. Something that I loved about virtual study abroad was the attention placed on learning the other culture, so I participated in workshops, courses, and buddy chats that helped me further understand the people I was working with. These were some of my favorite experiences during my virtual study abroad programs, and something I might have taken for granted if these experiences were in person.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

I am planning on backpacking Europe next summer, and I hope to hit over 12 countries while I’m there!