Non-Traditional Students

In order to prepare best for your experience while taking into account your identity, it is recommended reading and learning from other student’s experience studying abroad. It is important to do further research on your country and search for resources that can be beneficial for you. You can look for Facebook groups that help you develop a network and ask questions or websites that are dedicated to educating individuals about the non-traditional college students’ experience. Below are a couple more examples of resources that can prepare you before you go.


Non-traditional college students have typically stated that some of their biggest obstacles include financial commitment and confidence to succeed. The SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Office wants you to have the knowledge and the resources so that you can feel confident in making this financial commitment. Below are tools that can help you prepare for this journey.

  • This comprehensive resource breaks down how to spend your money in the most efficient way possible while still getting a full experience. From best banks with abroad fees to how to find discounts, this guide will help you find relief in creating a financial plan before going abroad.
  • Numbo is a cost of living calculator that can help you find and compare living costs in different cities. This tool is helpful when you are comparing locations to decide what best fits your needs. We also recommend comparing Geneseo's cost of living which can provide perspective of affordability when it comes to studying abroad!
  •  "Breaking Barriers" is an innovative and moving video created and produced at San Francisco State University.  Students were interviewed before their study abroad and after and give their reflections after their time abroad.


Geneseo works to help make traveling abroad an affordable and accessible opportunity for all students through numerous scholarships as well as financial advisement. Visit our Scholarship webpage to access a list of possible scholarships.