Study Abroad: Middle Eastern/North African Students

Students of Middle Eastern/North African descent will likely contain a multiplicity of identities. Whether we consider this identity category primarily ethnic or cultural is difficult to decide, but it doesn’t necessarily matter; what matters is that we pay attention to how these identities function when traveling internationally and when participating in cross-cultural experiences. This page will address diverse experiences to help you prepare for your time abroad.

Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad is a great opportunity for students to gain new perspectives and unique experiences. An international education allows students to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures, increase their foreign language skills, and build maturity and self-confidence. Students can satisfy major requirements or earn elective credit while abroad.

Experience abroad not only enriches a student's undergraduate education, it can also make them more competitive for jobs after graduation. The benefits of international education are numerous, and are just as important for members of groups that are typically underrepresented in study abroad programs.


Blogs & Articles
  • This is a comprehensive list of many Arab/Middle Eastern countries and what you need to do and wear while there.
  • This is a blog by an Egyptian American who studied in Jordan in 2019. She shares tips and best practices of what makes a rich experience in the Middle East. Questions with regards to identity are also addressed.
  • GO Overseas has a page full of blogs and articles that may be helpful for Arab Americans or anyone from the U.S. planning to study abroad in North Africa or the Middle East. 
  • In this video, Daud Kim interviews several Muslim women who live or have spent significant time in European countries. They talk about their experiences and share personal insights that you may find helpful as you plan your time abroad. 

Scholarships & Financial Resources

Students of all backgrounds and ethnicities cite money as an impediment to studying abroad. Geneseo works to help make traveling abroad an affordable and accessible opportunity for all students through numerous scholarships as well as financial advisement. Visit our Scholarship webpage to access a list of possible scholarships.