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Administrative Systems Office

COVID-19 Updates

Mar 31- John continues to work from home and onsite as needed. eMailing is a really good way to reach him.

Need to get in?
Mar 30 - We continue to assist faculty & staff with any building access issue. eMailing is the best way. We can even set an appointment to open a door remotely for you if you do not have your ID.

Students retrieving property
Mar 23 - We can make special arrangements for secure building access so students can retrieve musical instruments or athletics gear. Please eMail and copy in your department.

Buildings in "after hours" mode
Mar 23 - The campus academic buildings have been secured in the same manner as nights and weekends. No staff access permissions have been changed. If you are having troubles getting in please contact us using

Why use
Mar 23 - Hi, this is John. If you email me at haley@geneseo I get it. If you email me using I get it but so do other staff that monitor that account. actually produces a quicker response.

Work Remotely Tip: Call forwarding
Mar 23 - Did you know you have have your voicemail text you during normal business hours if someone leaves you a message - or actually forward to your cell? Check out CIT's handy self help guides.

Work Remotely Tip: Directory
Mar 23 - If you call 245-5000 you will be connected with our campus voice directory. Say the  name you are looking for and you will be connected.



    The Administrative Systems office provides management information system assistance to the departments within the Division of Finance & Administration. Implementation of innovative data solutions, commercial or home grown, is what we do.

    Some of the systems managed are used by departments across the college and the Administrative Systems office provides trauining & support for these systems as well.

    These systems include but are not limited to:

    • Access control
    • COOP
    • Departmental Web Sites using Drupal
    • Mercantile eCommerce
    • Liquid Office
    • Upstate New York College Consortium Training Portal
    • Web Applications using PHP and Laravel
    • WebTMA Work Orders
    • Training initiatives