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Administrative Systems Office


The Administrative Systems office provides management information system assistance to the departments within the Division of Finance & Administration. Implementation of innovative data solutions, commercial or home grown, is what we do.

Some of the systems managed are used by departments across the college and the Administrative Systems office provides trauining & support for these systems as well.

These systems include but are not limited to:

  • Access control
    • Scheduling
    • Permissions
    • Admin & Support
  • COOP
  • Departmental Web Sites using Drupal
  • Mercantile eCommerce
  • Liquid Office
  • Upstate New York College Consortium Training Portal
  • Web Applications using PHP and Laravel
  • WebTMA Work Orders
  • Training initiatives


New Key Systems Lockbox Deployed
Sep 18- A new electronic lock box has been installed in Fraser for use by Custodial Services. Configuration is in progress!

Saratoga Townhouse WiFi Locks
Sept 1 - Each townhouse now has a semi-online card access lock on front door. These check in daily. Greatly improves our ability to support Townhouse residents!

Campus Emergencies Prevention, Response and Recovery
Aug 1-2 - John will be out of the office the week at training sponsored by State Preparedness Training Center

Fall Data Import
Jun 28 - Students registered for Fall semester have been imported into Card Access. This enables us to enhance the support services we provide AOP and New Student Programs.

Student Assistants
Jul 25 - Tyler Tiede and Emily Cook are our student assistants for Fall 2019