Anthropology Information for Exploring Students

If you’re considering a major in Anthropology, here are some resources to help you explore:

  • Point(s) of contact: The chair of the Anthropology department is Dr. Paul Pacheco. His office is in Bailey 153A and his email and phone number is 585-245-5275. A link to our faculty with their information can be found here
  • Student contact: The President of the Geneseo Anthropological Association is Tyler Haug.  His email is
  • What is a good course or courses to get you started? What courses would give you a taste of what the major is like?

Our introductory courses give students an introduction to the 4 sub fields of Anthropology.  These courses are:

Anth 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth 101 Exploration of Human Diversity
Anth 105 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Anth 110 Introduction to Archaeology
Anth 120 Language and Culture