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Employee FAQs


Can I work from home during this emergency?

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday, March 16, directed all New York State employees that are designated as non-essential starting on Tuesday, March 17, to not report to work for the next two weeks. At this time, non-essential employees shall work from home to the extent practicable. Where non-essential employees can be assigned to perform critical work outside their normal state workplace, this is permitted. Employees will not be charging their accruals to fulfill this directive. Any employee who plans to work remotely should work with their supervisors to complete the Alternative Work Location Agreement. Please review the Pilot Statewide Telecommuting Program before submitting your application. We continue to work through these details as new information becomes available to us. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we adapt operations to protect faculty, staff and students from COVID-19.

What if an essential employee does not want to report to work?

1. Time and attendance rules apply
2. If unpaid leave is requested under this option, the employee will be responsible for the full share health insurance premiums (COBRA). 

Am I allowed to return to work if I have traveled to a high-risk country?

If you are returning from a level two or three country and you are currently asymptomatic, please remain home and contact Human Resources (585-245-5616 or as soon as possible prior to returning to work. If you are experiencing symptoms, please call your healthcare provider. The safety and well-being of the campus community is SUNY Geneseo’s highest priority. In this regard, we may ask you not to return to avoid the potential spread of the virus. These situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and addressed directly with the individual. 

What if someone with whom I share a home recently returned after traveling to a high-risk country?

Please remain home and contact Human Resources (585-245-5616 or as soon as possible prior to returning to work. The safety and well-being of the campus community is SUNY Geneseo’s highest priority. In this regard, we may ask you not to return to avoid the potential spread of the virus. These situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and addressed directly with the individual. 

I have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?

Please contact your healthcare provider for guidance first and then contact Human Resources (585-245-5616 or

I am scheduled to return to work after traveling abroad and I am experiencing flu-like symptoms. What should I do?

Please seek immediate medical attention from your healthcare provider. Anytime you are experiencing symptoms of a contagious illness, you should not report to work. 

Who should I notify if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

You should notify your supervisor that you are sick. Please be advised you are not required to disclose your health condition or provide medical documentation directly to your supervisor. Please inform Human Resources of your medical condition by calling 585-245-5616 (or emailing: The College reserves the right to request medical documentation. If you test positive for COVID-19 and you are required to be quarantined or self-quarantine by the Department of Health, you will be provided with 14 calendar days of leave without charge to accruals.

Is a quarantine the same as being directed to work from home?

No. Quarantine is a state, period, or place of isolation where someone who has been exposed to infectious disease is placed. A mandatory quarantine is something that is ordered by an authorized government official. A self-quarantine may be recommended by a government official or health care provider if there is a chance you have been exposed. If you are asked to work from home by SUNY, you have no obligation to self-quarantine, unless otherwise directed by an authorized individual or body.

Can employees file a Workers' Compensation claim if they believe they contracted an illness at work?

Employees may file an accident report if they feel they contracted an illness through the course of work. The On the Job Injury Report should be submitted to the Human Resources, Doty Hall 318. Call 585-245-5616 or email for more information.

What happens to my job and benefits if I need to be absent from work due to illness?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to a job-protected leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or various provisions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreements. Call Human Resources for more information at 585-245-5616 or email for more information. 

Have there been any changes to paid, time-off benefits?

At this time, all paid, time-off benefits remain unchanged with the exception of an individual who is under mandatory quarantine or self-quarantine by the Department of Health. Employees should follow normal procedures and call supervisors to inform them if they are unable to report to work, either because of their own illness or to take care of an ill family member. It is important that employees and supervisors have accurate time-off balance information. Contact the Payroll Office at 585-245-5616 or with any questions about time balances.

What if school or daycare is closed and I need to stay home with my children?

Accruals other than sick leave are available for employees to use in situations where an individual determines that it is in their best interest to remain home. Employees who are eligible to put an Alternate Work Location Agreement in place should work with their immediate supervisor.

I want to stay home because I have personal health conditions or I have loved ones with health conditions. What are my options?

At present, all college offices are open, and all existing time and attendance rules apply. Limited exceptions would apply to those who are quarantined by the mandatory order of the County Department of Health. In such cases, documentation will be required. 

If you know you have been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, or you have traveled to an area identified by the CDC as a level 2 or 3 risk, please stay home and contact Human Resources at 585-245-5616 or as soon as possible to discuss your specific circumstances before returning to work. 

Some faculty and staff members may have justified concerns stemming from personal health conditions or health conditions of loved ones. If a family member needs care for a health condition or illness, sick leave accruals may be utilized. Accruals other than sick leave are available for employees to use in situations where an individual determines that it is in their best interest to remain home or are otherwise needed. Also, see the top question "Can I work from home during this emergency."

Can a supervisor send home an employee who appears to be ill?

Any employee experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 shall immediately report symptoms to their supervisor and to Human Resources. The supervisor and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, or a designee, will immediately direct the employee to leave work, if they are currently at work, or stay home if they are not at work and self-quarantine as a precaution.

Can an employee with concerns about COVID-19 refuse to come to work or be told to go home?

If approached, supervisors are encouraged to speak with employees to discuss any concerns that the employee may have about the safety of the workplace and actions the College is taking to help ensure a safe workplace. Supervisors should not ask employees specific questions about their health history or current health condition, nor should they seek out employees with whom they suspect may have a current health condition. Employees with health-related concerns should contact their personal healthcare provider for their advice and direction in regards to reporting to work. The employee should then contact Human Resources Office at 585-245-5616 for further discussion related to their situation and needs.

Do I still need to submit timesheets?

Yes. All employees (essential and non-essential), even if working remotely, must continue to submit timesheets via the SUNY Employee Portal. Information on the time and attendance system can be found at: