Writers House

Writers House is a living-learning community of students of all years located in Seneca Hall.  In this setting, students are supported in pursuing their passion for writing -- whether literary writing, science writing, song writing, poetry, music, short stories, the teaching of writing, etc. -- by Student Life staff and Residential Fellows from across campus.

Students in Writers House

 picture of Seneca Hall.

Quick Facts

  • You don't have to be an English major to live in Writers House!  Writers House is home to artists, musicians, scientists, and future (and current) authors.
  • Two Writing Tutors, trained by the Writing Learning Center, hold office hours in Writers House every week to help with any of your writing needs
  • There is a third floor conference room that doubles as a movie screening room
  • The second floor is home to the Hays Library, which opened in 2015.  The library is home to books of all genres donated by past residents (and contains all 7 books of the Harry Potter series)
  • New course offered exclusively for students in Writers House, XLRN 188 - "Intro to Publishing" taught by Professor Al Abonado, M 4:30-5:20 pm

What is a Living-Learning Community?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who choose to live together in a Residence Hall to explore a common interest.  Each LLC has a shared academic component (e.g., a course, faculty-led workshops, a service trip) and is strengthened by co-curricular experiences that align with the community's interests and goals.


Writers House is a living-learning community, located in Seneca Hall, that started in 2010.  Members of Writers House are in all class years and all first year students are placed together on the fourth floor.  Students who are interested in all types and applications of writing -- whether literary writing, science writing, song writing, poetry, music, short stories, the teaching of writing, etc. -- are encouraged to live in Writers House.  Students work with each other, Residential Fellows from the English Department, History Department, and Music Department, and a dedicated in-hall Writing Tutor (trained by the Writing Learning Center in Milne Library) to explore their passion for writing and create their own online publication: Catharsis.


Creativity | Passion | Leadership

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students living in Writers House will create meaningful relationships with each other and lasting connections with the Writers House Residential Fellows.
  2. Students living in Writers House will work collaboratively through the sustainment and publishing of Catharsis, Writer’s House own literary magazine.

How to Apply

All housing placements for Writers House are based upon application review. Applicants must have submitted complete answers to all questions in the application to be considered for placement. Only those who submit an application by the housing deadlines listed on the housing selection website may be considered for placement. You can find more information on the housing process at housing for incoming students.

For any questions or concerns, contact the Department of Student Life (life@geneseo.edu or 585-245-5851) or the Assistant Director for Educational Initiatives, Dr. Meg Reitz, (reitzm@geneseo.edu or 585-245-6363)

Are you a faculty or staff member interested in getting involved?

Visit our Residential Fellows webpage for more information or fill out the general interest form or contact Dr. Meg Reitz directly at x6363 or reitzm@geneseo.edu